Windows Solitaire Games

This is a comprehensive listing of solitaire games for the Windows operating system. Most of these games will work with any edition of Windows, but some may be optimized for specific Windows versions.

Featured Windows Solitaire Games

  • Air SolitaireAir Solitaire
    Let Air Solitaire take you on a relaxing flight! This solitaire game even lets you unlock new soothing songs and backgrounds.
  • Funsol Solitaire GoldFunsol Solitaire Gold
    Funsol Solitaire Gold is one of the largest solitaire collections in the world with over 600 of your favorite solitaire games, and features automatic card sizing to show the largest cards possible.
  • Pretty Good SolitairePretty Good Solitaire
    A collection of 810 solitaire games, including both original games and classics like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider. Lush graphics, beautiful easy-to-read cards, in-depth statistics, & much more.
  • Solitaire City for WindowsSolitaire City for Windows
    Solitaire City is a collection of your favourite one and two pack solitaire card games played against the clock. The faster you play, the higher your score. Upload your highest scores to the web and compete against the best players in The World.
  • SolSuite 2017SolSuite 2017
    SolSuite 2017 is the world's No.1 downloaded solitaire card game collection, with over 650 high-quality, unique games, featuring all your favorites, plus original solitaires that you can't find anywhere else. Never play the same game twice!

Other Windows Solitaire Games

  • 123 Free Solitaire
    123 FREE Solitaire is an exciting collection of many different Solitaire Card Games that features good layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and good help.
  • 1st Free Solitaire
    A collection of 7 popular card games to play. It contains the following popular solitaire variations: Bisley, Carpet,Flower Garden, FreeCell, Klondike, Nestor, Yukon.
  • 21 Solitaire
    21 Solitaire is a collection of 7 solitaire card games based on a Blackjack theme. These highly original games, found nowhere else, blend classic solitaire themes with the excitement of Blackjack.
  • 2M Solitaires Collection
    A superb set of 430 of your favorite solitaire card games, as well as many original variations found nowhere else.
  • 5 Realms of Cards
    5 Realms of Cards is nothing like an ordinary solitaire game, with solid story, enchanting visuals, and addictive gameplay.
  • Absolute Yukon Solitaire
    Absolute Yukon Solitaire is a collection of solitaire card games based on the classic game of Yukon. It includes both familiar favorites and new games invented specifically for this collection and available nowhere else.
  • AcidFreecell for Windows
    AcidFreecell is based on the popular Freecell style solitaire card game, and is fully customizable and inlcudes comprehensive statistics.
  • AcidSolitaire for Windows
    Enjoy polished game play, customizable features and stunning graphics. Cards designed to play at any size. Enjoy full screen play or resize to mini-mode. Tons of features make it easy to play the way you want to play.
  • AcidSpider for Windows
    AcidSpider is based on the popular Spider style solitaire card game. All AcidSpider 1-suit, 2-suit and 4-suit games are winnable.
  • Action Solitaire
    Play solitaire as an arcade game with Action Solitaire. Unlike regular solitaire, Action Solitaire is played for points against the clock in timed rounds. Action Solitaire has 70 different games.
  • Aloha Solitaire for Windows
    Immerse yourself in the idyllic Hawaiian Islands of Aloha Solitaire. Get away from it all without leaving the comfort of your home. Relax with a mix of traditional solitaire and mahjong on the warm sands of Hawaii.
  • Aloha TriPeaks for Windows
    Take a balloon ride over the Hawai'ian Islands in Aloha TriPeaks. Power up cards will help you get to the next level, but use them wisely, as they are limited. Every level has a different challenge and a different look.
  • Ancient Spiders Solitaire
    Get caught in a web of addictive fun with this amazing version of Spider Solitaire. This classic card game has been given a whole new look and feel with beautiful graphics and exotic sounds.
  • Ancient Tri-Jong
    Love TriPeaks and Mahjong? Explore 15 challenging quests and 150 levels in this addictive and unique twist of 2 classic games!
  • Ancient Tripeaks
    Are you ready for some classic solitaire fun? Play eight variations of the solitaire classic, Tripeaks. Timed and un-timed modes make Ancient Tripeaks a joy for the whole family.
  • Ancient Tripeaks II
    Go back to the days of mystical Gods and the greatest Heroes of Ancient Greece as the "Card Game of the Year" makes its long awaited return!
  • AS-Solitaire
    AS-Solitaire is a freeware cardgame collection with 40 games that makes use of more than 1000 different photo cardsets. WYSIWYG editor to make own cardsets is available.
  • Baker's Dozen
    Baker's Dozen is a collection of 25 card solitaire games.
  • Bergman
    All you have to do is be the first player to discard the five cards you are dealt to start the game, simple right? Well simple doesn't come often in Bergman! See if you can beat the computer in this challenging card game or end up holding the deck.
  • Bicycle Solitaire
    Bicycle introduces an all-new 125th Anniversary Edition of Solitaire - one of the most popular card games around, with 52 great solitaire games and variations!
  • Big Solitaires 3D for Windows
    A collection of 40 solitaire games with OpenGL 3D rendering.
  • BigPatience for Windows
    Play 60 popular and unique solitaire card games! Game features include customizable solitaire rules, unlimited undo and redo, selectable decks and card backs, complete game statistics, detailed help, and much more.
  • Binary Solitaire for Windows
    Over 150 solitaire games, with rich customization and control that is fun to explore for all ages.
  • Brain Games: Solitaire
    Brain Games: Solitaire has over 100 Solitaire favorites plus many new variations. Customize your game with a variety of background, card decks and card backs PLUS larger easier-to-read cards.
  • Burning Monkey Solitaire for Windows
    Fun Solitaire Game - includes 26 solitaire variants and unique, colorful monkey characters. Just when you thought it was safe to pick up the cards again...the monkeys are back for revenge. Liven up Solitaire with the Burning Monkeys!
  • Bushido Solitaire
    Play a fascinating game of Bushido Solitaire and learn the ancient secrets of the Samurai and the unique philosophy of an ideal warrior.
  • BVS Solitaire Collection
    A collection of 445 solitaire card games, including over 90 original games found nowhere else, along with all the most popular games. And you can modify rules of almost any of the included games, thus creating your own solitaire variations!
  • Cardgames Deluxe
    A free solitaire collection with 11 games and customizable card sets.
  • Championship Solitaire Pro for Windows
    Suit Up to Beat the Clock! Discover a new set of friends with an exciting game of Championship Solitaire Challenge!
  • Charm Solitaire
    Restore a magical kingdom in this exciting twist on solitaire! Armed with a deck of cards, it's up to you to bring this fantasy land back to life.
  • Cheat Solitaire
    Winning Solitaire just got Easier. This game plays just like Windows Solitaire with one exception. You can cheat. See and play face down cards. Unlimited undo and draw. Statistics. Never lose at Solitaire again.
  • Chinese Solitaire
    This is an original card game combining the best elements of Klondike and Scorpion, with a distinctly Oriental flair. Full statistics, easy mode, autoplay, selectable card backs and colors, great graphics, and excellent sound.
  • Classic Solitaire for Windows
    A fun and easy-to-use collection of 30+ of your favorite solitaire games for your PC, with big, readable cards.
  • Cribbage Squares Solitaire
    Cribbage Squares Solitaire is played by building the best possible hands in both the rows and columns. Cards are dealt one at a time. Hands are scored by traditional cribbage rules. Many helpful and fun features included.
  • Crime Solitaire 2: The Smoking Gun for Windows
    Play as a bungling detective Max Stone, who takes on Evergreen Heights' criminal underworld and hunt down Jimmy Menendez and his gang!
  • Crime Solitaire for Windows
    Virtually crime-free, the Topley Police Department's statistics for solving crimes are... embarrassing. Turn the department around!
  • Diablo Solitaire
    Play a different kind of solitaire cards on your computer. Designed for beginning and advanced players.
  • Dr. Mal: Practice of Horror for Windows
    Brace yourself for the graveyard shift! This might just be the wackiest solitaire game you'll ever play, as you use your medical prowess and mad solitaire skills to treat a range of weird patients!
  • Dream Solitaire
    An enjoyable combination of traditional puzzles and popular card games like Solitaire. You only need to make chains with cards keeping to the Solitaire rules.
  • Dream Vacation Solitaire
    Play more than 30 different kinds of solitaire for trophies, prizes and more on a dream vacation through five exotic locales!
  • Elite Freecell
    Enjoy Freecell in a whole new way! Elements of adventure have been introduced in the popular game, and you still can play the classic style game as well.
  • Elite Solitaire
    Elite Solitaire offers a fresh look at an old favorite, with great graphics, fun sound, and solid playability.
  • Faerie Solitaire
    Imagine the most addictive, compelling, and fun version of solitaire you've ever played, mix in some faeries, and you have Faerie Solitaire!
  • Fairway Solitaire
    It's time to hit the greens and pull out your clubs (and your diamonds, hearts and spades) to enjoy a hilarious round of Fairway Solitaire!
  • Fashion Solitaire
    Style models with trendy outfits in a cool fusion of solitaire and fashion design, provided by Lifetime Television.
  • Four Seasons
    This addictive, feature-rich card game includes context-sensitive help and a resizable main window, in addition to auto mode, multimedia sound effects and music, 3-level undo, card peeking, and challenge scoring.
  • Free Spider Solitaire Collection
    Free Spider 2005 is a collection of five great spider type solitaire card games: Coleopter, Simple Simon, Spider, Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suits.
  • Freecell Collection
    Freecell Collection is World's Largest Freecell Games Collection with 62 Freecell Games including 14 standard games and 48 original games which you will not find anywhere else.
  • FreeCell Plus
    Replacement for FreeCell that comes with Windows 95. Undo all the way to the start of the game, automatically plays cards and saves games, and has 2 billion possible starting positions. Plus 7 other similar games.
  • FreeCell Wizard
    FreeCell Wizard is a solitaire game that includes the popular game FreeCell and 15 other similar games. It features lush graphics, large easy-to-read cards, sound, and in-depth statistics.
  • FreeCell Wonderland
    Guide Alice through lavish backgrounds, charming characters, and exciting twists and turns on an old gaming favorite!
  • Freecell3D
    For too long computer card games have looked flat and boring, but no more. Freecell 3D is just like playing cards for real. The latest advances in 3D graphics give you richly detailed, colorful cards on realistic tables.
  • Golf Patience
    Play a different kind of solitaire cards on your computer. Designed for beginning and advanced players.
  • Great Escapes Solitaire
    From Pyramid to Easy Klondike to Pogo's own First Class Solitaire, you'll find great games for every skill level with Great Escapes Solitaire!
  • Greek Goddesses of Solitaire
    Take on Hades himself in action-packed Solitaire challenges. Defeat him to free the Greek Goddesses of Solitaire!
  • Gunslinger Solitaire for Windows
    Enter the Wild West world of solitaire and see how you stack up against the competition in this popular American card game.
  • Hardwood Solitaire IV for Windows
    This solitaire game is like not like anything you have played before. Unlike ordinary solitaire games that plunk bare-bones cards onto your screen, Hardwood Solitaire III immerses you in a magical 3D environment and great sound. Over 80 games.
  • Heartwild Solitaire
    Immerse yourself in Heartwild Solitaire, a classic solitaire-style adventure featuring stunning graphics and soothing music designed to relax the mind!
  • Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two
    Immerse yourself in this unique solitaire-style adventure! Choose which path the story takes by matching cards, collecting bonus points, and gathering unique power ups!
  • Hotel Solitaire
    Try a different game of solitaire in each of this hotel's 100 rooms! No reservations required so stop on in today!
  • Hoyle Card Games 2012 for Windows
    The Hoyle Card Games collection features over 150 of your favorite card games, including 45 variations of the classic single-player game of solitaire!
  • Hoyle Miami Solitaire
    Latin tempos and flourishes of Art Deco style energize this unique and captivating solitaire game. Get ready for endless hours of card-flipping fun!
  • Hoyle Solitaire
    Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in history and nobody does it better than the experts at Hoyle, with 50 different variations of this classic card game. Shuffle the cards and deal yourself some fun!
  • Idiot's Delight
    Simple to learn, difficult to win solitaire card game, with loads of features, smooth gameplay, rich graphics and sound, and extensive online help.
  • Jewel Quest Solitaire
    Riches and glory are in the cards! The creative minds behind Jewel Quest return with a Solitaire card game like no other!
  • Jewel Quest Solitaire 2
    The adventure continues! Play exciting solitaire layouts and match jewels to guide Emma's wild journey through Africa!
  • Jewel Quest Solitaire III
    Medium: Travel with Ratu in this awesome sequel, where fresh features and 100 boards of combined play makes Jewel Quest Solitaire III feel brand new again!
  • King Sol for Windows
    A large solitaire collection featuring an easy-to-use interface and real-time statistics.
  • Kitty Kat Solitaire
    KITTY KAT SOLITAIRE is a NEW single-player card game featuring colorful graphics, fun sounds and fuzzy felines
  • Klondike Collection
    Klondike Collection is World's Largest Klondike Games Collection with 62 Klondike Games including 25 standard games and 37 original games which you will not find anywhere else.
  • Koi Solitaire
    Use your Solitaire skills to create gorgeous gardens in this relaxing and fun new card game.
  • Lapland Solitaire
    Can you help the elves through all 200 levels? Collect enough chocolate coins to build Lapland in time for Christmas!
  • Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards for Windows
    Rescue a kingdom under the grips of chaos in Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards, a fun-filled game of Solitaire for all ages.
  • Lochness Solitaire
    The quick-thinking, high-scoring solitaire game where you race against the clock for extra points while trying to nab the Loch Ness Monster! Plus optional sound effects, background music and a high score list.
  • micro Solitaire
    An implementation of Klondike solitaire, featuring new graphic, animation, card design and sounds.
  • Midnight Oil
    A free solitaire card game for Windows, based on the classic game of La Belle Lucie, AKA Three Shuffles and a Draw.
  • Mike's Cards for Windows
    Over 166 card games, including solitaire, contemporary, casino, and kid's games. Features the ability to save and load games, rules and statistics for each game, customizable graphics and sounds, and more.
  • Mike's Cards Lite for Windows
    7 great card games, and it's 100% FREE! Includes solitaire, contemporary, casino, and kid's games.
  • Most Popular Solitaire
    Most Popular Solitaire is a collection of 30 of the most popular solitaire card games combined into one extraordinary game. With beautiful playing cards, full undo and redo of all your moves, automatic game saving, and complete statistics.
  • Mount Sunflower
    An original card game that includes full game statistics, selectable card backs and background color, sound effects, MIDI music, and extensive online help.
  • Munchy Solitaire for Windows
    A collection of 70 high-quality solitaire games including both the games you know, plus many you probably don't.
  • MVP Solitaire
    Sixty of the world's most popular solitaire games, presented in 24-bit color, are featured in the newest classic game collection from MVP. Hundreds of game play and rule options allow you to customize the games the way you want to play them. Choose
  • My Freecell
    Create and play your own Freecell Games with this highly customizable Freecell Game Studio. You can create your own Freecell games by specifying set of rules for tableau, free cells and foundation.
  • My Klondike
    My Klondike is the world's first Klondike Game Studio. With my Klondike you can create and play your own Klondike Games by specifying set of rules for tableaus,and foundations.
  • My Solitaire
    My Solitaire is the World's Top 100 Most Played Solitaire Card Games Collection. All main solitaire games included like Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Baker's Dozen, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Fan, Beleaguered Castle, Sir Tommy, Four Seasons & Yukon.
  • My Spider
    Create and play your own Spider Games with this highly customizable Spider Game Studio. You can customize entire Spider game rules by customizing tableau piles, foundation piles, and other parameters.
  • Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island
    You're a castaway on Secret Island. Match cards, in more than 60 unique solitaire layouts, and collect clues to find your way home!
  • Mystical Solitaire for Windows
    In this new twist on a traditional game, the focus is on smooth game play, beautiful visual effects and pleasant music. Mystical Solitaire is quickly becoming the most downloaded solitaire game in the world!
  • Napoleon Solitaire
    Windows solitaire collection based on Forty Thieves, a classic 2-deck solitaire game. Contains Forty Thieves and 20 other similar games, and a Game Wizard that can create your own Forty Thieves type solitaire games.
  • Nertz Solitaire
    Competitive solitaire at its best! Play Nutzy and his squirrelly family in this new twist on the all-time favorite card game!
  • Net Spite and Malice
    Play Spite and Malice double solitaire with your friends and PC.
    Our Net Spite and Malice gives you a chance to play the game with computer bots
    or live opponents by the Internet or LAN.
  • Patience
    A free patience / solitaire collection for Windows with games including Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Yukon and over 200 others.
  • Patience Pack
    Patience Pack is a collection of 120 different patience games in one program, including both card and dice games. It has been written for fun and distributed as freeware.
  • Patiens
    Tired of solitaire games that almost never succeed? This variant of solitaire game is the solution!
  • Pirate Solitaire for Windows
    Follow a pirate's treasure map in Pirate Solitaire, a fast-paced and fun Card game! Chain together combos to unlock treasures!
  • Play Solitaire Forever
    A free version of Klondike solitaire with animated graphics, sound effects, and music.
  • Poker Challenge
    This enjoyable card game cleverly blends the rules of poker with solitaire. The game is easy to learn, fun to play, and extremely addicting! Countless hours of entertainment and challenge are packed into this unique game.
  • Poker Solitaire Pack
    Poker Solitaire Pack is a collection of 7 solitaire card games based on a Poker theme. The object of the games is to make Poker hands in various ways. It includes the classic solitaire game Poker Squares, as well as original games.
  • Pyramid Challenge
    Play a different kind of solitaire cards on your computer. Designed for beginning and advanced players.
  • PySolitaire
    PySolitaire is a collection of more than 200 solitaire games.
  • Quick Solitaire for Windows
    Enjoy seven free, simple, relaxing and fun games of solitaire for Windows.
  • Ronin Solitaire
    Help the ex-samurai, who is sorry for his offensive and troublesome behavior, to gain the new master's favor. Complete the solitaire and aid the ronin to win back all samurai privileges.
  • Royal Challenge Solitaire for Windows
    Take on Royal Challenge Solitaire and progress through countless levels full of quick and gripping gameplay!
  • Ruscell95
    A visually stunning version of Freecell with Russian-style cards.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire
    An easy to play version of Klondike with pictures of the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar ('Buffy - the vampire slayer') in the face cards. 3 languages: English, Deutsch and Norwegian. Buffy sounds, customizable backgrounds, 5 card backs available.
  • Scripture Solitaire
    Each card has a short phrase in place of the rank (King, Queen, etc.). When those phrases are put together in order, they form a Bible verse (KJV). 6 visual themes, 7 games, 100's of Bible verses. Enter your own verses! A fun way to learn God's Word!
  • Seahaven Towers for Windows
    Seahaven Towers 2.0 lets you play a unique puzzle, a solitaire card game that can be winnable 100% of the time. Play games you deal for yourself or share challenges with friends as you work to unravel the 52 card layout.
  • Serious Solitaire
    A new way to play Solitaire! More than one hundred of your favorite games are packed into Serious Solitaire.
  • Seven Seas Solitaire for Windows
    Seven Seas Solitaire is a swash-bucking adventure set on the high seas. Do you have the skills and the courage to conquer the ocean's dangers and become a captain of legend? Over 300 levels to explore!
  • Shape Solitaire
    Fill all open tiles with cards in this new and unique card puzzler.
  • Sleepless Solitaire
    Sleepless Solitaire is a free commercial quality solitaire game.
  • Smack Solitaire for Windows
    Smack Solitaire is a collection of 30 different types of Solitaire games. In the set, players have a vast variety of Solitaire games from which to choose and will be able to enjoy and play over a long, long period of time.
  • Snowfall Solitaire
    Have you ever seen a real Japan fan? In Snowfall Solitaire you will not only thread through the whole fall of cards, but also admire this part of the Japan culture.
  • Soccer Cup Solitaire for Windows
    The world's favorite sport meets the world's favorite pastime. Guide your team to victory with fast-paced card-matching action!
  • Solgames
    Solgames is one of the world's favorite Solitaire card games collections, with 350 different card games including 228 original games.
  • Solitaire 3D for Windows
    Play all your favourite solitaire games, including Freecell, Spider, Gaps and Klondike. Beautiful 3D graphics, fully customizable board sets, unique lighting effects and much more make this a must for all solitaire fans.
  • Solitaire Antics Ultimate Plus
    Solitaire Antics Ultimate features over 760 solitaire games.
  • Solitaire Cruise
    Embark on a round-the-world cruise of card matching action! Cross vast oceans, see the world and play Solitaire!
  • Solitaire Dozen Gold
    Solitaire Dozen Gold offers 12 of the most popular solitaire variations in the world. It's a treasury of great games and a golden opportunity for fun!
  • Solitaire Drop
    Solitaire Drop combines the fast action of Tetris with the card-playing logic of Solitaire. It includes three exciting games in one: Rummy Drop, Poker Drop and Black Jack Drop. Plus customizable rules, a high score list and optional sound effects.
  • Solitaire Epic for Windows
    Play Solitaire on Mac and Windows. You get over 110 fun levels to play, and three unique solitaire games in one package! Enjoy the three games Klondike, Tri Peaks and Matching, accompanied by soothing music and beautiful background images.
  • Solitaire Game Ultra
    Play an animated version of Klondike solitaire with light-hearted background music and sound effects.
  • Solitaire Game: Christmas for Windows
    On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me... Solitaire Game Christmas!
  • Solitaire Games of Skill
    A solitaire collection featuring over 400 games, many found nowhere else. Play solitaire like the experts, and lift your solitaire play to a higher level!
  • Solitaire Kingdom Quest
    After the king chooses you to join the Solitaire Heroes, you're off on an epic adventure in Solitaire Kingdom Quest!
  • Solitaire Kingdom Supreme
    Play the Solitaire you know and love with special Kingdom Cards that will give you fantastic new game changing powers!
  • Solitaire Maniac
    Solitaire Maniac is the ultimate collection of the most beautiful solitaire games for Windows, featuring over 400 games, a collection of spectacular tableau images, melodic music, nice graphics, and the world's largest collection of 3 and 4-pack games.
  • Solitaire Master 3
    Solitaire Master 3 includes 450 fantastic Solitaire games, including classics like Klondike and Free Cell.
  • Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power
    The oldest deck of cards in the world has been stolen from the Museum of Ancient History. Find the magical cards and save the world!
  • Solitaire Plus! for PCs
    Solitaire Plus!, by, is a collection of solitaire games for the PC. The Klondike and FreeCell favorites are included, along with multi-level Spider and 27 other solitaire variations.
  • Solitaire Pop
    Pack your pick and passport and brace yourself for a whirlwind expedition that will have you digging your way through ancient ruins all over the globe!
  • Solitaire Studio for Windows
    First and most complete collection of the greatest Solitaires - more than 70 of really entertaining and educative patience for any skill level. Start with the ones already in the game and design the patience of your own. Free to try and download.
  • Solitaire Twist Collection
    With over 500 maps, 5 types of cards, 5 backgrounds and 3 game modes, Solitaire Twist is will throw you for a loop!
  • Solitaire Wizard
    Solitaire Wizard is a solitaire game that includes the popular game Klondike (Windows Solitaire) and 15 other similar games. It features lush graphics, large easy-to-read cards, sound, and in-depth statistics.
  • Solitaire XP Championship
    Solitaire XP Championship gives new meaning to the word 'solitaire'. 500 games, a rich collection of relaxing backgrounds, and exclusive never-seen-before features make the world's most popular game a visual delight!
  • Solitaire-7
    Solitaire-7 is a collection of popular one- and two-pack solitaire card games, including Carpet, Diplomat, Free Cell, Klondike, Spider, Yukon, etc.
  • Solitaires
    Solitaires is a very large and feature-rich collection of solitaire card games, made up of 385 different games, including all the traditional ones and many that appear for the first time in a computer game.
  • Solitairex 3D
    Solitairex 3D is a solitaire game that has 33 different solitaire variants. It is a collection of card games for one player commonly known as "Patience" games. Some games are difficult to master and some games have simple, but very addictive rules.
  • Solitude for Windows
    Solitude for Windows is a freeware collection of 91 distinct solitaire card games. Solitude features Undo, game selection, replay, statistics, game help and a unified menu for launching all the games.
  • Solkan Solitaire
    Solkan Solitaire is one of the most complete collections, and best of all it is completely free with no restrictions or advertisements.
  • Spider Collection
    Spider Collection is World's Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else.
  • Spider Wizard
    Spider Wizard contains not only the classic solitaire card game Spider, but 15 other similar games, including Spider One Suit and Spider Two Suits. You can undo all your moves, make moves with a single mouse click, and create your own games.
  • SpiderMania Solitaire for Windows
    Tackle SpiderMania Solitaire and master this classic Card game! With animated graphics and unique gameplay, you'll be caught in a web of fun!
  • SpiteNET: Spite and Malice
    This card game with an attitude, is a fast moving and addictive card game. A form of competitive solitaire where you are challenged by the wit and skill of Spite, the computer opponent. Similar to SkipBo. Also playable with an Internet/LAN connection
  • Spyde Solitaire
    Spyde Solitaire is awesome puzzle fun! Based on the classic game of spider solitaire, there are power-ups, hints and much more!
  • StarSpangled Solitaire
    Play Solitaire. Listen to the Star Spangled banner. 12 decks to choose from.
  • Strike Solitaire
    Bowling meets solitaire in this fun Card & Board game, Strike Solitaire! Lace up your shoes and get ready to gain the ultimate victory!
  • Sudoku Solitaire
    Play solitaire Sudoku style, using cards instead of numbers. Play on your PC or print out.
  • Summer Tri-Peaks Solitaire
    Take on Summer Tri-Peaks Solitaire! Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a lovely summer day in this fun and gripping Card game!
  • Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 1 for Windows
    GameHouse Solitaire is a visually-stunning collection of 10 classic and well-loved solitaire games, including Klondike, Golf, Tri-Peaks, Freecell, Pyramid Yukon, and Vegas Solitaire, with a customizable and elegant gaming environment.
  • Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 2 for Windows
    Super GameHouse Solitaire brings together 10 of your favorite solitaire games along with a few games you've probably never played before, each with a distinctive GameHouse twist, as well as plenty of game options to customize your solitaire experience.
  • Super GameHouse Solitaire Vol. 3 for Windows
    We've done it again! Whether you like the challenge of Scorpion or just a relaxing game of Concentration, you'll love these 10 awesome new single-player card games, each with a distinctive personality all its own.
  • Super Solitaire Deluxe
    Super Solitaire Deluxe includes about 450 solitaire card games such as FreeCell, Diplomat, Eighteens, Flower Garden, Grandfather's Clock, Klondike, Pyramid, Royal Rendezvous, Spider Solitaire, Golf and Travellers.
  • The House of Cards 2 Deluxe
    Play House of Cards 2 Deluxe whenever you want! Play 10 exciting solitaire games, including Double Klondike and Spider.
  • The House of Cards Deluxe
    Play House of Cards Deluxe whenever you want! Play 10 exciting solitaire games, including FreeCell, Pharaoh's Solitaire, and Fifteens.
  • Thieves and Kings
    Beautiful cards, great strategy and solid programming make this a great set of games.
  • Three Shuffles
    A very addictive solitaire game that has to give you up to three shuffles just to beat it.
  • Top Ten Solitaire
    The world's 10 most popular solitaire card games combined into one incredible game, with amazing graphics, animated cards, soothing music, great features and polished game play.
  • Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go
    Journey around the globe, playing cards and exploring ancient ruins in this exciting adventure-themed card game!
  • Two Handed Solitaire
    Play Two Handed Solitaire on The Windswept Game Network or against a challenging computer opponent. This is a two handed version of Klondike solitaire. The game has a customizable game board, and tracks wins, losses, and ratings form multiple players
  • Ultimate Solitaire 1000
    Try your hand at hundreds of standard and new ways to play for a total of 1,000 unique Solitaire variations!
  • Ultimate Solitaire 750
    Get ready for addictive fun with the Best Solitaire Games in the Biggest Collection Ever! Ultimate Solitaire 750 brings you all of your favourite Solitaire games, plus hundreds of new ways to put your skills to the test.
  • Waterscape Solitaire: American Falls
    Traverse across North America enjoying the splendor of the magical waterfalls as you experience a brand new twist on a card classic!
  • Wiz Solitaire for Windows
    Wiz Solitaire is a collection of solitaire card games with the ability to use custom decks. You can create custom decks from your pictures with the included editor. The program includes 19 games.
  • Wonderland Solitaire
    Stop the evil sorcerer Rasmos and help Prince Argon claim the throne!
  • Word Monaco Solitaire
    Relax under the warm sun of the Mediterranean and play a unique blend of word-creation and solitaire! There are endless possibilities waiting for you!
  • Word Solitaire
    Word Solitaire is a collection of 30 challenging single-player word games modeled after classic solitaire card games. Easy to learn and fun to play, Word Solitaire is an attractive choice for word game lovers and solitaire aficionados alike!
  • World Class Solitaire
    Travel to exotic locales around the world, winning beautiful posters and collecting stamps in this classic solitaire adventure!
  • XCell
    Xcell is based on Microsoft's FreeCell card game that comes with Windows, but has more features.

Last Update: April 12th, 2012