AcidFreecell for Windows

AcidFreecell is based on the popular Freecell style solitaire card game. Many people prefer AcidFreecell over other types of Solitaire because you can see all of the cards at the start of the game. Winning and losing does not depend on the luck of the draw, it depends only on the choices you make.

The goal of AcidFreecell is to win every game. If you don't win the first time, undo your moves and try again. AcidFreecell keeps track of every move you make. Advanced hint system allows you to cycle through possible moves and request hints as needed. Track various stats as you play and try to keep your Win Percentage at 100%!

AcidFreecell starts with a step-by-step tutorial to walk through the basics. Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to improve their strategy.

  • Easy stop and go - The game is automatically saved where you left off so that you can resume at any time.
  • Game can be played at any size - Maximize for full screen play or resize to play mini-games using keyboard arrow keys.
  • Customizable backgrounds - Includes default backgrounds that can be customized with your personal digital photos, including the option to display a new photo each time you win a game.
  • Game-by-game statistics tracking - AcidFreecell tracks specific games won and played. This makes it possible to try a difficult game or replay any lost game without penalty, as well as to track won games without counting the same game twice.
  • Everything about each game is recorded, including the number of hints used during each game, the number of moves used to win, the elapsed time to win, the overall win percentage, daily and overall minutes played, fastest game played, least number of moves required to win a game, and more.

By Red Mercury
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

AcidFreecell for Windows includes the following solitaire card games: FreeCell.

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