Solitaire Playing Cards

Solitaire is most often played with a standard deck of playing cards, but there are also some specialized solitaire playing cards that can make some games easier, or take up less space.

  • 25 Ways To Play Solitaire25 Ways To Play Solitaire
    Includes 54 animated cards and directions for a multitude of stimulating solitaire games.
  • Bicycle E-Z-See LoVision Playing CardsBicycle E-Z-See LoVision Playing Cards
    The Bicycle E-Z-See LoVision Playing Cards are standard sized playing cards with jumbo sized numbers designed for ease of use by the visually impaired.
  • Bicycle Solitaire Playing CardsBicycle Solitaire Playing Cards
    Two decks of Bicycle playing cards, plus rules for a variety of solitaire games.
  • DoubletaireDoubletaire
    Doubletaire is the fast action card game for two players that's based on Solitaire.
  • Kling Magnetic Playing Cards SetKling Magnetic Playing Cards Set
    Don't let the wind blow a good game of solitaire. Kling cards let your cards stay put as you play anywhere.
  • Solitaire FrenzySolitaire Frenzy
    It's Solitaire vs. Solitaire in this exciting, fast-pace card game for the whole family. You play your cards much like Solitaire except you play against your opponents.

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Last Update: September 18th, 2012