Solitaire In The News, February 2013

Solitaire In The News, February 2013

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Montreal councillors caught playing solitaire during citizen Q&A

"QMI Agency caught several city councillors visiting Facebook and playing solitaire in during a citizen Q&A at City Hall, but not one of them apologized after they were busted. 'I do what I want with my laptop. I can still hear what's happening in the chamber. I'm still paying attention.'" [link]

Ed. Note: There's no need to apologize for playing solitaire! ;)

An Intriguing Relationship Between Solitaire and Texas Hold'em

"Starting-hand selection is critical in both solitaire and poker. It is important to give due consideration to your holecards in poker and your initial face-up cards in solitaire. If you do not, and then play hands dealt to you without regard for the relationships among your cards, I can guarantee you will be a loser. Intelligent, well-informed starting-hand selection is essential to being a winner in both games." [link]

Do People Really Want Social Games?

"But do people want social? Do they really? Because then I have to ask why Solitaire is still one of the most popular PC games in the universe, despite its, you know, solitariness." [link]

Solitaire: Me vs. Me

"I learned to play solitaire as a child. Its advantages over other games were obvious, even then. No need to persuade a friend to play or explain the boring rules, no hard feelings when someone won or lost, no lessons required, no costly equipment to badger my parents into buying. I could play whenever and wherever I wanted. All I needed was a deck of cards." [link]

Solitaire Game Releases

Notable Quote

"I know maybe a dozen writers hooked on computer solitaire. It's the ideal writer's game. It even feels a little like writing, only more relaxing."
 ~ Francine Prose

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