Online Poker Solitaire Games

The web is an outstanding place to play solitaire games! The following collection features some of the very best online Poker solitaire card games, that you can play anytime, right from your browser. Some are just for fun, while others allow you to play for cash and prizes against players from around the world.

Featured Online Poker Solitaire Games

  • Poker RushPoker Rush
    Poker Rush is a solitaire-style game of skill with a familiar Poker-like twist played against real people from around the world, competing for top scores.
  • Royal FlushRoyal Flush
    A fast-paced game of skill in which Poker meets Solitaire. Use raises to score extra points, and fold hands you don't want. Can you create all nine poker hands?

Other Online Blackjack Solitaire Games

  • LaLena Online Games – Play free online java games, including unique card games and puzzle games. Many quick games with fast downloads.
  • – is a free online multiplayer version of the popular card solitaire game, with three exciting variations called Classic, Pro, and Ultra.

Note: Some of the online games require Javascript to be enabled in your browser, while others require plugins such as Flash, Java, or Silverlight. A very few of the games may require download of a helper application, which will be installed on your computer and allow you to connect with the game server online.

Last Update: March 2nd, 2012