PalmOS Solitaire Games

This is a comprehensive listing of solitaire games for PalmOS devices, including PDAs and smartphones.

Featured PalmOS Solitaire Games

  • SolebonSolebon
    Created for the serious solitaire player, Solebon is designed to provide the best solitaire experience on Palm-powered handheld devices.
  • Solitaire City for Palm OSSolitaire City for Palm OS
    Your favourite solitaire game for Windows is now available on your Palm OS powered handheld. Solitaire City is a collection of 37 popular solitaire games played against the clock. The faster you play, the higher your score!
  • Solitaires Unlimited for Palm OSSolitaires Unlimited for Palm OS
    Solitaires Unlimited is a collection of 800 solitaire games for Palm OS, including all the most popular solitaires, as well as some new solitaires you have not seen in any other solitaires collection on the Palm.

Other PalmOS Solitaire Games

  • AcidFreecell for PalmOS
    AcidFreecell is the card game of choice for advanced solitaire enthusiasts, with brilliant full-color backgrounds and tons of options.
  • AcidSolitaire for PalmOS
    The ultimate solitaire game for Palm Handhelds. Unbelievable attention to detail makes AcidSolitaire the #1 solitaire game.
  • AcidSpider for PalmOS
    AcidSpider is an addicting card game that is fun to learn and hard to put down.
  • Can't Stop Solitaires Collection for Palm OS
    A collection of more than 250 solitaire games with detailed rules, animated demonstrations, and never-ending pleasure.
  • Classic Solitaire for Palm
    Whether you're after a quick and simple game to relax, or a more involving game to test your concentration and memory, Classic Solitaire is the game for you with 15 classic solitaire games.
  • Eric Snider's Solitaire for Palm OS
    Now you can play solitaire anywhere and immerse yourself in your favorite game.
  • JSJ Solitaire
    A collection of 24 solitaire card games. FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Vegas, Yukon, Tarantula, Terrace, Stalactites, 40 Thieves, Aces High, Calculation, and many more!
  • Seahorse Solitaire Combo
    Seahorse Solitaire Combo has five keep-you-entertained solitaire games including 4Corners Solitaire, Accordion Solitaire, BlackJack Solitaire, Clock Solitaire, and Montana Solitaire.
  • Solitaire Classic for Palm OS
    Play the best solitaire games with Solitaire Classic, a collection of 10 solitaire card games for Palm OS.
  • Solitaire Mania Pro for Palm OS
    With more than 700 games this is one of the largest solitaire collections for PalmOS, with sharp graphics and animation, high quality sound effects and multiple settings.
  • Solitaire Pack Vol. 1 for Palm OS
    Solitaire Pack Vol. 1 is a collection of 11 solitaire games for your Palm Powered handheld.
  • Solitaire Pack Vol. 2 for Palm OS
    Solitaire Pack Vol. 2 is a collection of 10 solitaire games for your Palm Powered handheld.
  • Solitaire Studio for PalmOS
    A collection of amusing and addictive patience games will give you hours of pleasure and real entertainment on your Palm OS handheld.
  • Word Monaco Solitaire for Palm OS
    Relax under the warm sun of the Mediterranean and play a unique blend of word-creation and solitaire. Create words by moving letters from column to column. When all the letters are used, you've won!

Last Update: April 12th, 2012