Solitaire City for Palm OS

Solitaire City for Palm OS

Your favourite solitaire game for Windows is now available on your Palm OS powered handheld. Solitaire City is a
collection of popular solitaire games played against the clock. The faster you play, the higher your score, the best
of which are stored in one of many hi-score tables. Professional presentation makes this a must-have game for Palm handheld owners!

  • Designed for both color and greyscale Palm OS® powered devices, low resolution and high resolution graphics, sampled sounds and simple sounds to cater for all flavours of handheld. Takes full advantage of the latest Palm OS® 5 hardware if available.
  • Beam your best scores to a friend's Palm OS® powered device.
  • Eight popular one and two pack solitaire games: Klondike, Demon, Poker Squares, Pyramid, Cribbage Squares, Golf, Casket and Alternations, each with numerous game rules offering a total combination of 37 different game variants.
  • Unique hands-on training system. Solitaire City can teach you how to play an unfamiliar game as you participate and will transform you from novice to pro in a matter of minutes. No more confusing instructions to read. Learn as you play !
  • Choose from a selection of beautiful card set designs and background graphics. Download new backgrounds and card sets as they become available.
  • Enhanced 320 x 320 and stretched 320 x 480 high resolution support for Sony CliéTM and Palm OS® 5.x powered devices.
  • Enhanced 65,536 colour support with photorealistic JPEG backgrounds for Palm OS® 5.x, Sony CliéTM, Palm m505, Handspring Visor Prism, Treo etc.
  • Quality sampled sound effects for Palm OS® 5.x powered devices. No cheesy bleeps or squeeks. 400KB of wacky, sampled sounds to keep you amused (installation option).
  • Unlimited Undos.
  • Show Move feature. When the going gets tough, hit the Show button to display a move recommendation. Choose your moment wisely though as you can only use this handy helper once every 25 seconds.

By Digital Smoke
Operating System: Palm

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Additional Information

Solitaire City for Palm OS includes the following solitaire card games: Alternations, Casket, Cribbage Squares, Demon, Golf, Klondike, Poker Squares, and Pyramid.

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