SolGames is a Solitaire Games Collection of 350 solitaire games with 228 original solitaire games. All major solitaire games are included like Freecell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Canfield, Baker's Dozen, Forty Thieves, Sir Tommy, Four Seasons, Fan and Yukon Solitaire. SolGames 2004 Solitaire also includes many new solitaire games which you will not find anywhere else. If you like Solitaire Game and searching for a good solitaire Games collection then SolGames 2004 Solitaire is the prefect solution for you because all your favorite solitaire games are included.

SolGames has many new features which you will not find in any other solitaire game collection. SolGames has 999 trillion shuffles so every time you play you will get a different game. So in SolGames you don't have to worry about playing a same game number again.

Unlimited Undo and Redo is another feature of SolGames so that you can Undo the current playing game to the beginning and Redo till the end. With Undo All and Redo All options you can undo to the beginning and redo till the end with a single click. In SolGames while playing the game you can Replay the game backward and forward. In SolGames It is also possible to Replay the game from the beginning.

Detailed Statistics is another important feature of SolGames. With the Game Statistics Window you will get countless information like Games Played, Games Won, Games Lost, Total Score, Total Moves, Total Time, Moves per Game, Score per Game, Games per hour and Winning Percentage with chart. Game-wise tab in SolGames provides Game Wise Statistics for all 350 Solitaire games with chart and Date-wise tab gives you detailed Statistics which can be arranged by date, month and year. Player-wise tab is to display Player Wise Statistics for each players.

Ordering SolGames is risk free, with a 30 days money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return SolGames for a full refund.

By Zonora Technologies
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

Solgames includes the following solitaire card games: Acme, Ali Baba, American Canister, American Toad, American Toad One Suit, Apollo, Arena, Art Gallery, Assembly, Athena, Auld Lang Syne, Aunt Mary, Avenue, Baker's Dozen, Baker's Dozen Plus, Baker's Dozen Two Suit, Baker's Game, Baker's Spider, Baker's Tower, Bastion, Beacon, Beetle, Beige, Beleaguered Castle, Big Forty, Black Forest, Blind Alleys, Blockade, Bouquet, British Canister, Busy Aces, Cabinet, Calton, Canfield, Canfield One Suit, Canister, Canister Plus, Carnival, Carre Napoleon, Cascade, Castle Rock, Castle Tower, Castles in Spain, Chameleon, Citadel, Climax, Color Cell, Color Fantasy, Color Patience, Cone Freecell, Cone Klondike, Cone Spider, Cone Thieves, Congress, Coral, Corners, Corona, Courtyard, Czarina, Demon, Deuces, Dieppe, Diplomacy, Diplomat, Double Baker's Game, Double Baker's Spider, Double Bouquet, Double Canfield, Double Cascade, Double Climax, Double Color Cell, Double Color Fantasy, Double Easthaven, Double Eclipse, Double Escort, Double Excel, Double Fan Spider, Double Fortune, Double FreeCell, Double Freecell AK, Double Galaxy, Double Gateway, Double Impact, Double Ivory, Double Klondike, Double Klondike Freecell, Double Klondike Spider, Double Ladder, Double Majesty, Double Ocean, Double Orchid, Double Planet, Double Rail, Double Scorpion, Double Session, Double Sienna, Double Simon, Double Simon Canfield, Double Sir Tommy, Double Spidercells, Double Spiderette, Double Statue, Double Ticket, Double Tornado, Double Traffic, Double Yukon, Double Yukon One Suit, Dream Fan, Durbar Hall, EastHaven, Eclipse, Eight Off, Emperor, Enigma, Epic, Escort, Excel, Expert Klondike, Extreme, Fair Deal, Fairy Tale, Famous Fifty, Fan, Fan Klondike, Fan Spider, Fancell, Fantasy, Fascination Fan, Floral White, Florentine Patience, ForeCell, Fortress, Fortune, Fortune's Favor, Forty Thieves, Forty and Eight, Four Colors, Four Seasons, FreeCell, Freecell AK, FreeCell Reversed, Freecell Two Suit, Full Moon, Galaxy, Gargantua, Gateway, Gazette, Giant, Gipsy, Golden Beach, Good Heart, Good Measure, Good Measure Plus, Goodwill, Green House, Highway, Hill Palace, Hill Station, His Highness, History, Impact, Indian, Indigo, Ivory, Josephine, King Albert, Klondike, Klondike AK, Klondike Freecell, Klondike Reversed, Klondike Spider, La Belle Lucie, Ladder, Lady Betty, Lady Palk, Lake View, Lanes, Lawn, Limited, Little Coral, Little Forty, Little Gazette, Little Napoleon, Little Thieves, Little Windmill, Lucas, Luxury, Magic Freecell, Magic Yukon, Majesty, Mandate, Mania, Marathon, Maria, Marine Drive, Martha, Meadow, Midshipman, Milligan Cell, Milligan Harp, Minerva, Mission, Misty Rose, Mobile Gallery, Monarch, Monument, Moon Cell, Moon Light, Morehead, National Anthem, Nebula, Niagra, Number Ten, Oasis, Occasion, Ocean, Octave, Odyssey, Old Avenue, Old Carlton, Olive, Omega, Opaque, Open Klondike, Open Spider, Open Yukon, Opera, Orchid, Over Bridge, Panorama, Parliament, Pendulum, Penguin, Petal, Planet, Plaza, Province, Quadrangle, Queen of Arabia, Raglan, Rainbow, Rank and File, Red Fort, Red and Black, Reversed Acme, Reversed Baker's Dozen, Reversed Castle, Reversed Sir Tommy, Reversed Spider, Reversed Yukon, Royal Diplomat, Royal Measure, Russian Solitaire, Russian Solitaire Plus, Salmon, Scarab, Scorpion, Scorpion Freecell, Scotch Patience, Sea Towers, Seashell, See-Saw, See-Saw Spider, Senate, Sensation, Seven by Four, Shamrocks, Sienna, Silver Screen, Simon Freecell, Simple Carnival, Simple Klondike, Simple Session, Simple Simon, Simple Zodiac, Single Corners, Single Enigma, Single Queen, Single Rail, Single Spider, Sir Tommy, Snow, Somerset, Spanish Patience, Spider, Spider Beige, Spider Freecell, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suit, Spider Yukon, Spider Yukon One Suit, Spidercells, Spiderette, Splash, Square, Stalactites, Statue, Steps, Steve, Storehouse, Stream, Streamline, Streets, Streets and Alleys, Stripped Freecell, Stripped Klondike, Stripped Spider, Super Flower Garden, Superior Canfield, Symbol, Taj Mahal, Talent, Tam O'Shanter, Theme Park, Thirty-six, Ticket, Time Zone, Tornado, Tower Cell, Traffic, Treasure Island, Trefoil, Triple Beige, Triple Line, Tuxedo, Twin Queens, Two Cells, Variegated Canfield, Venus, Vertical Freecell, Vertical Klondike, Vertical Scorpion, Vertical Spider, Viper, Waning Moon, Westcliff, Wheatsheaf, Wheatsheaf Two Suit, Whitehead, Whitehorse, Will o the Wisp, Wonderland, Yellow Sea, Yukon, Yukon Klondike, Yukon One Suit, Yukon Spider, Zenith, Zero Hour, and Zodiac.