Ali Baba Solitaire Rules

Ali Baba SolitaireAli Baba is a variation of Forty Thieves, differing in that Ali Baba is a one-deck game, while Forty Thieves uses two decks. In addtion, Ali Baba allows tableau sequences to be moved in part or in whole, while in Forty Thieves only one card at a time may be moved.

Number of Decks: 1 (52 cards)

Initial Layout: Begin by dealing 40 cards to the tableau, face up, as ten piles of four cards each, spread out vertically so that all cards are visible. Leave space for eight foundation piles above the tableau. The remaining cards form the stock, and are held in a single face-down pile. Also reserve space for a single wastepile.

Object: The object of the game is to build all eight foundations up in suite from ace to king.

Play: Within the tableau, cards are built down and in suit. Cards may be one at a time or in proper groups between tableau piles. Spaces within the tableau may be filled with any card.

The top card of the stock is available for play to a foundation or to a tableau pile, or may be put on the wastepile. The top card of the waste pile is also available for play to a foundation or to a tableau pile. There is no redeal.

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