Idiot's Delight

Idiot's Delight

Idiot's Delight is a new version of a classic solitaire. It is known by many names, including "Aces Up", "Aces High", "Four Aces", "Firing Squad", and "Drivel".

In its native form, Idiot's Delight is a very difficult, some would say maddening, game. Your chances of winning are not too high, maybe 1 in 20 on the average. But this version of the game introduces a number of alternate rules that improve the odds considerably. With skill, strategy, and a smattering of luck, you'll probably win half your hands.

The game features selectable difficulty levels, undo, game save/restore, full statistics, and context-sensitive help.

By Randy Rasa
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

Idiot's Delight includes the following solitaire card games: Aces Up, and Idiot's Delight.