Most Popular Solitaire

Most Popular Solitaire is a collection of 30 of the most popular solitaire card games combined into one extraordinary game. With beautiful playing cards, full undo and redo of all your moves, automatic game saving, and complete statistics, Most Popular Solitaire is solitaire the way it ought to be.

Play the most popular games - Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid, Scorpion, Canfield, Golf, Yukon and more! You can even submit your statistics to our web site to compare your scores with other solitaire players worldwide.

Download Most Popular Solitaire and see why when people play solitaire, they play Most Popular Solitaire!

  • Quick mouse shortcuts for easy play
  • Undo (or Redo) all moves played
  • Automatic game saving on exit
  • Over 2 billion starting positions for each game
  • Automatic card moving to the foundations
  • Full statistics for all games played
  • Selectable card backs, card sets, & backgrounds

By Goodsol Development
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

Most Popular Solitaire is 100% adware, spyware, and virus free, and comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Most Popular Solitaire includes the following solitaire card games: Aces & Kings, Aces Up, Australian Patience, Beleaguered Castle, Canfield, Crazy Quilt, Cruel, Demon, Demons & Thieves, Double Klondike, Eight Off, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Gaps, Golf, Idiot's Delight, Interchange, Klondike, La Belle Lucie, Lady Jane, Midnight Oil, Osmosis, Penguin, Pyramid, Russian Solitaire, Scorpion, Sea Towers, Spider, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits, Terrace, The Fan, Thieves of Egypt, and Yukon.