Cruel Solitaire Rules

Cruel SolitaireCruel is a solitaire card game originally published by Microsoft in their "Windows Entertainment Pack #1". Cruel quickly became one of the more popular games, due to its simple rules and addictive gameplay.

The arrangement of cards and game play are similar to another solitaire card game called "Perseverance".


Number of Decks: 1 (52 cards)

Initial Layout: Put all the Aces into a row as bases for each of the foundations to build on. The rest of the cards form the tableau, arranged as 12 piles of four cards each.

Object: The object of the game is to move all of the cards from the tableau to the foundations. If you can do this, then you win. If the game becomes blocked (no more moved are possible), you lose.

Play:Only the top (or exposed) card in each pile is available for play. The cards in the tableau piles are built down by suit (e.g. a 5♠ may be played on a 6♠). Each of the foundations is built up in suit from ace to king. Only one card can be moved at a time. When no moves are available, the remaining tablea cards are gathered up, then dealt into 4-card piles It is important not to shuffle these cards and to place one pile on top of the other face-up, starting from the last pile up to the first. The player can do this in an unlimited number of times. When no more moves are possible, then the game is blocked.

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