Gaps Solitaire Rules

Gaps SolitaireGaps is a completely open solitaire, in which all the cards are visible throughout the game. Though simple to play, the odds against winning can be high.

Number of Decks: 1

Alternate Names: Montana, Spaces

Similar Games: Addiction, Rangoon, Spaces and Aces

Initial Layout: Deal all 52 cards face-up into four rows of thirteen cards each. Remove the aces, leaving four spaces in the layout.

Gaps Initial Layout
Gaps Initial Layout (example)

Object: Build each row up in suit, left to right, from two to king.

Play: Each space in the layout may be filled by a card of the same suit as the card on the left, and one higher in rank. Only a two can be played in the left-most column. No card may be played to the right of a king. It doesn't matter which suit is in which row. Keep moving cards until the layout is blocked (the only spaces left are to the right of kings).

Gaps Blocked Layout
Gaps Blocked Layout (example)

When no more moves can be made, pick up all the cards that are not in proper sequence starting with a two in the left-most column, shuffle them, and then deal them back into the layout, leaving a gap following the in-sequence cards.

Gaps Redeal
Gaps Redeal (example)

There are two such redeals allowed.

The game is won if all four rows end up in sequence from two to king. If the game is blocked, and no redeals are left, you lose.

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