Cardgames Deluxe

Cardgames Deluxe

You can choose three difficulty levels, 2 score systems with or without timer, 11 games (Klondike, Quatro, Findit, Memory, Freecell, Pyramid, Spider, Hanoi, Golf, Canfield, Agnes), background colors, selection colors, Amiga colors, play MIDI/MP3-music, choose cardsets and tunes, save your presets and make your own cardsets with this version. This freeware version includes three cardsets (standard.rkp/bullock.rkp/boriscards1). Also included is a WindowsW2K/WXP cardsetviewer.

There are four cardset formats available: 256 colour dynamic (every card has it's own palette) and the 32k color cardset format (the entire cardset consists out of 32k color cards). Version 5.2 also features a new 24bit 88x130 cardset format and a 24bit 176x260 cardset format. Wiz solitair deck cardsets are also supported in version 5.3. All available Amiga-cardsets (750+) can be used in this version too.

You can download hundreds of Reko card sets from site such as RekoNet, Ron's Cardset Den, Solitaire Games and Photo Rkp/Reko Cardsets, and Cardset Archives.

By Reko Productions
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

Cardgames Deluxe includes the following solitaire card games: Findit, FreeCell, Klondike, Memory, Pyramid, and Quatro.