Chinese Solitaire

Chinese Solitaire

This is an original card game combining the best elements of Klondike and Scorpion, with a distinctly Oriental flair. Feature-packed solitaire, with full statistics, easy mode, autoplay, selectable card backs and colors, great graphics, and excellent sound.

The game is a variation on "Yukon", and plays like a cross between "Klondike" and "Scorpion", two of the very best and most popular solitaires.

Chinese Solitaire is feature-packed, with full statistics, an optional "easy" mode, autoplay, undo, the ability to save a game in progress (and later restore it), selectable card backs and colors, great graphics, excellent sound, and extensive online help. It is a highly addictive game!

By Randy Rasa
Operating System: Windows

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Chinese Solitaire includes the following solitaire card games: Chinese Solitaire.