My Klondike

My Klondike is the world's first Klondike Game Studio. With my Klondike you can create and play your own Klondike Games. With this highly customizable Klondike Game Studio you can customize entire Klondike game rules by selecting Number of Tableau piles, Tableau arranging order, Foundation arranging order, foundation base card, number of cards in foundation, ace-king wrapping in tableau and multi card movement in tableau.

My Klondike has many new features which you will not find in any other Klondike game collection. My Klondike has 999 trillion shuffles so every time you play you will get a different game. So in My Klondike you don't have to worry about playing a same game number again.

Unlimited Undo and Redo is another feature of My Klondike so that you can Undo the current playing game to the beginning and Redo till the end. With Undo All and Redo All options you can undo to the beginning and redo till the end with a single click. In My Klondike while playing the game you can Replay the game backward and forward. In My Klondike It is also possible to Replay the game from the beginning.

Detailed Statistics is another important feature of My Klondike. With the Game Statistics Window you will get countless information like Games Played, Games Won, Games Lost, Total Score, Total Moves, Total Time, Moves per Game, Score per Game, Games per hour and Winning Percentage with chart. Game-wise tab in My Klondike provides Game Wise Statistics for all created and standard Klondike games with chart and Date-wise tab gives you detailed Statistics which can be arranged by date, month and year. Player-wise tab is to display Player Wise Statistics for each players.

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Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

My Klondike includes the following solitaire card games: Excel, Impact, Klondike, Klondike Reversed, and Lawn.

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