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Freecell is one of the most popular solitaire game ever invented. My Freecell is an implementation of Freecell game with many cool features. With My Freecell you can create your own freecell games by specifying set of rules for tableau, free cells and foundation.

My Freecell setup will install 5 standard freecell games named Freecell, Baker's Game, Forecell, Seven by Four and Two cells. Then with Game Editor or New Game Wizard you can create your own Freecell Games.

Creating a new game with My Freecell is very easy. You just have to specify a set of rules. First for foundation you have to select the card arranging order, base card and initial cards in foundation. In tableau you can select the card arranging order, number of piles, space filling card, ace-king wrapping and multi move. For free cells you have to select the number of free cells and total cards in free cells.

Finally give a name for your newly created freecell game. Now your new freecell game is ready to play. By changing these rules you can create 100s of new freecell games with this highly customizable freecell game studio. Fully functional 30 days evaluation version of My Freecell is available as free download. Download My Freecell Today..

My Freecell has many unique features compared to other solitaire games collections like Moves Manager, Game Editor, New Game Wizard, 999 Trillion Shuffles, Unlimited Undo and Redo, Recent List, Favorites, Hot Games List, Auto Save, Game Statistics, Session Statistics, Log Statistics, Game History, Export Statistics, Automatic Game Loading and Save/Open Game.

By Zonora Technologies
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

My Freecell includes the following solitaire card games: Baker's Game, Bouquet, Color Cell, ForeCell, FreeCell, FreeCell Reversed, Freecell Two Suit, Luxury, Mania, Mansion, Seven by Four, and Two Cells.

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