Patience Pack

Patience Pack

Patience Pack is a collection of 120 different patience games in one program, including both card and dice games. It has been written for fun and distributed as freeware.

Many are classic games such as Klondike, Yahtzee, Freecell, Mastermind, Snakes & Ladders and Mind Sweeper. Other games are original, including Enigma, Neural Net, Armor of God and Lost World.

By Maurice Abraham
Operating System: Windows

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Additional Information

Patience Pack includes the following solitaire card games: Accordion, Accumulators, Alaska, Alternations, American Toad, Archway, Arizona, Armor of God, Baker's Dozen, Baroness, Beleaguered Castle, Bishop Swap, Black Hole, Blackjack 21s, Block Ten, Bomb Squad, Calculation, Canfield, Carpet, Chameleon, Cheops, Chinese Yukon, Clock, Coded Proverbs, Congestion, Cribbage, Cricket, Daisy Chains, Dimensions, Dino Wars, Discard, Eagle Wing, EastHaven, Elevens, Emperor, Enigma, Exigency, Families, Fan, Fifteens, Fives, Flip'Em, Flower Bed, Fortune's Favor, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, FreeCell, Funnel, Game of Life, Giza, Gold Rush, Golf, Good Measure, Gravity, Greed, Gypsy, Hanoy, Higher / Lower, Hurricane, Interregnum, Kings Corners, Klondike, Knight's Realm, Ladybird Run, Laser Beams, Lights Out, Limited, Line Up, Little Spider, Lost World, Lucky Thirteen, Maire, Mastermind, Maze Of Life, Mean Deal, Mine Sweeper, Mini-Golf, Miss Milligan, Monte Carlo, Mount Sunflower, Neural Net, Odds & Evens, Osmosis, Over / Under, Pairs, Peg Solitaire, Perpetual, Pigs, Pile Sort, Pohtzee, Poker Squares, Pyramid, Pyramid Golf, Queen's Rule, Quick Sand, Quiz Blocks, Roll Out, Roll-Call, Royal Cotillion, Scorpion, Secret Order, Sir Tommy, Slide Puzzle, Snakes & Ladders, Spiders, Squeeze, St Helena, Stalactites, Steel Wheels, Strategy, Sultan, Three Pharaohs, Towers, Tumble Down, Wanderers, Windmill, Yahtzee, Yukon, and Zonk!.