Clock Solitaire Rules

Clock SolitaireClock is a visually-appealing solitaire, in which the cards are layed out in the form of a clock-face.

There are a number of other games which use this particular conceit, including Big Ben, Dial, and Grandfather's Clock.

Number of Decks: 1

Initial Layout: There are 12 foundation piles, arranged in the shape of a clock, with a foundation at each hour. Each foundation is seeded with a starting card: 12 o'clock = 9, 1 o'clock = 10, 2 o'clock = J, etc.

The remainder of the cards are dealt to 8 tableau piles, each containing 5 cards.

Object: Build the foundations up in suit until each matches its hour position: 12 o'clock = K, 1 o'clock = A, 2 o'clock = 2, etc..

Play: On the Tableau, build down regardless of suit. Only the top card of each pile is available for play, either to a foundation, or to another tableau pile.

Spaces in the tableau may be filled by any card.

The game is won when all cards have been moved to the Foundations, and the clock has been completed.

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