Solitaire Games by Randy Rasa

I began writing solitaire games back when I got my first PC, and was learning BASIC. This was back in 1987 or so. My first games were text-mode games for MS-DOS, written with Microsoft QuickBASIC. My early games are collected on the Text-Mode Solitaires page. Around 1990 I began to write graphics-mode programs for MS-DOS, and distribute them as shareware thru BBS's (bulletin board systems) and disk distribution services. Solitaire Suite was one of the first, and most popular, shareware solitaire collections for DOS.

I made the transition to Windows in the early 1990's, and produced a number of solitaire games for the 16-bit Windows environment (Windows 3.x). By this time I was using Microsoft's Visual Basic development language. In the late 1990's I began to write games using Borland's C++ Builder, which provided a more powerful development environment, and the ability to create 32-bit programs for Windows 95, 98, and XP.

Today, with mega-collections containing hundreds of games, it's very difficult for a single developer, working part time, to complete. While there is always room for new and innovative developers to make their mark, I am instead focussing my love of solitaire on this web site, maintaining it as the largest and most comprehensive solitaire site in the world.

Shareware Solitaire Games by Randy Rasa

  • 21 Solitaire
    21 Solitaire is a collection of seven solitaire card games based on a Blackjack theme. The object of the games is to make Blackjack hands - that is, hands whose cards total 21 in value.
  • Absolute Yukon Solitaire
    Absolute Yukon is a collection of twelve solitaire card games based on the classic game of 'Yukon', which traditionally ranks as one of the favorite solitaires of all time.
  • Poker Solitaire PackPoker Solitaire Pack
    Poker Solitaire Pack is a collection of seven solitaire (patience) games based on a poker theme. The games include both traditional games and games that are new and unique, designed especially for this collection.

Freeware Solitaire Games by Randy Rasa

  • Chinese Solitaire
    Chinese Solitaire is an original game combining the best elements of Klondike and Scorpion, with a distinctly Oriental flair. It offers ample opportunity for skill, yet it's very winnable.
  • Four Seasons Solitaire
    Four Seasons is a Windows version of the classic solitaire, also known as 'Corner Card' and 'Vanishing Cross'.
  • Idiot's Delight SolitaireIdiot's Delight Solitaire
    Idiot's Delight Solitaire is a new version of a classic solitaire known by many names, including 'Aces Up', 'Aces High', 'Four Aces', 'Firing Squad', 'Drivel', and of course, 'Idiot's Delight'.
  • Midnight Oil Solitaire
    Midnight Oil is a free solitaire card game for Windows. It is one of the very best solitaires, offering ample opportunity for skillful play.
  • Mount Sunflower Solitaire
    Like the peak from which it's named, the game of Mount Sunflower Sunflower is not a terribly difficult climb. Given sufficient patience and foresight, you'll conquer this mountain more often then not.
  • Poker Squares Solitaire
    Poker Squares is a standard solitaire, described in numerous solitaire reference books. It also goes by the names 'Poker Solitaire' and 'Poker Patience'.
  • Pyramid Deluxe Solitaire
    Pyramid Deluxe Solitaire is a SuperVGA version of the well-loved solitaire card game known as 'Pyramid', this game is easy to learn, but difficult to win, and offers plenty of room for skillful play.
  • Simple Pleasures Solitaire
    Simple Pleasures is a collection of eight addictive solitaires. Some of the games are variations of standard games, but many were created especially for this program. MS-DOS.
  • Solitaire Suite
    Solitaire Suite is a collection of seven card games, including Calculation, Concentration, Idiot's Delight, Osmosis, Midnight Oil, Monte Carlo, and Royal Cotillion. MS-DOS.

Other Solitaire Games by Randy Rasa

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