Simple Pleasures Solitaire

Simple Pleasures Solitaire Screen Shot (Thumbnail)Simple Pleasures is a collection of eight addictive solitaires. Some of the games are variations of standard games, but many were created especially for this program.

The games are "simple" because they all share one basic, overriding rule: cards are removed in groups that add up to a particular number, in this case 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. These games are all members of the "simple addition" family of solitaires.

The games are "pleasures" because they're fun to play, of course! Some of these games are pure exercises in luck, while others require great skill and concentration. They are all quite addictive and enjoyable.

All games feature undo, hints, auto moves, move alert, full statistics, sound, and support for multiple players.

The current version is v1.15, released 05/25/1998.


Select the link below to download the shareware version of Simple Pleasures. It is a self-extracting EXE; simply click on the link to download it to your computer, then run it from DOS or from Windows Explorer, and it will automatically extract the game files.

To play the game, run SP.EXE using the DOS command line, Windows "Run" command, or Windows Explorer.


Simple Pleasures Solitaire was originally released as shareware, meaning that you could try it for free, and purchase it if you enjoyed the game. Now, I wish to make the game completely free, with no payment required.

However, I no longer have the development tools necessary to rebuild the application and remove the registration reminder notification. So, when you run the game for the first time, it will tell you that it's shareware, and will ask for a registration code.

Therefore, I am providing the registration code for free. Just enter "code" when the program asks.

This free game is provided as-is, with no additional support available. Enjoy!


The games in the collection include Tens, Elevens, Twelves, Thirteens, Fourteens, Fifteens, Sixteens, Seventeens. Click through the links for complete rules.


Requires MS-DOS, EGA or better graphics capability, and a mouse.

Note: Some video cards do not properly support EGA graphics mode. This is not a problem with this game; it is a defect in the video card. Check with your card's manufacturer to see if they can offer you any suggestions.

Note: This game was designed for MS-DOS. Windows provides supports for MS-DOS, to varying degrees, and this program may or may not run under the version of Windows on your computer.

Last Update: April 30th, 2012