Tens Solitaire Rules

10's is a slightly-modified version of a standard solitaire sometimes known as "Take Ten".


The layout is three rows of five columns each, and the object is to remove pairs of lower cards totaling ten, regardless of suit. The upper cards (10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are removed in quartets of the same rank. Spaces are filled immediately from the deck.

These are the valid moves:

10's Solitaire Card Combinations

The game is won if you discard all the cards.


Because of the simplicity of the rules in this game, there is very little strategy involved -- just remove as many cards as you can.

There is a bit of judgment involved in knowing whether or not to attempt a particular hand. If there appears to be a good possibility of getting a high-card four-of-a-kind early in the game, or if there are abundant moves readily available, go for it.


Your chances of winning are about one out of every eight games. Here are my current statistics:

  • Games Played: 92
  • Games Won: 35 (38.04%)
  • Average Score: 29.76

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