Poker Solitaire Pack

Poker Solitaire Pack Screen Shot (Thumbnail)Poker Solitaire Pack is a collection of seven solitaire (patience) games based on a poker theme. It runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. The games include both traditional games and games that are new and unique, designed especially for this collection.

The games included in Poker Solitaire Pack are:

  • Poker Squares - Deal cards from the deck one by one, creating the best possible poker hands on the five rows and columns of a 5 x 5 grid.
  • Poker Shuffle - The game starts with twenty-five cards dealt to a 5 x 5 grid. Rearrange the cards within the grid to make the best poker hands in the five rows and five columns.
  • Poker Elimination - This game is a mixture of the best elements of Poker Squares and Poker Shuffle, requiring a bit of the skills and strategy of each.
  • Poker Puzzle - A poker version of the classic "fifteen puzzle" game, where cards are moved in a 5 x 5 grid, using a single open space, in order to create poker hands. As hands are created, they are cashed in.
  • Poker Columns - A game in which cards fall to the bottom of the column in which they're placed, rather like that falling-block game from Russia. This is a unique solitaire with intriguing card movement and strategy.
  • Poker Holdem - Think "Video Poker Meets Solitaire", and you'll have a pretty good concept of the idea behind this interesting two-deck poker patience.
  • Poker Yacht - A version of the popular poker dice game, using playing cards instead of dice, and employing a short deck consisting of only 24 cards.

In addition to the variety of unique games included in the collection, Poker Solitaire Pack also offers all of the comforts and conveniences you've come to expect from a state-of-the-art solitaire collection, including:

  • Three scoring systems: The traditional "American" and "English" systems, and the new and unique "Wild" system, where the value of each hand is based not only on the type of poker hands, but on the value of the cards in the hand. This maximizes the strategic importance of each card, and makes for very dynamic scoring. See Poker Solitaire Pack Scoring for details.
  • Statistics for each game, including number of games played, average score, and best score
  • Fully-configurable screen background, with a user-selectable color or wallpaper image
  • 256-color graphics
  • Hands can be selected at random, or by number
  • Individually-programmable sound effects
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive help system
  • Virtually unlimited number of undo levels (limited to one undo in the shareware version)
  • Two card sizes, allowing the game to adapt to nearly any screen size
  • Fully-resizable game windows, with card layouts that compress and expand to handle any window size
  • Each game sports a toolbar with pop-up hints, as well as a right-click context menu

Publisher Information

Poker Solitaire Pack is published by Goodsol Development, home of the world's most popular shareware solitaire games, including Pretty Good Solitaire, Solitaire Plus, FreeCell Plus, FreeCell Wizard, 21 Solitaire, Poker Solitaire, and many more.


Requires Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, or Vista. 640x480x256 graphics is required; higher resolutions and colors are highly recommended. A sound card is optional but recommended.

Note: This game was designed for Windows 95. This program may or may not run under the version of Windows on your computer.

Last Update: February 9th, 2014