Poker Columns Solitaire Rules

Poker Columns SolitairePoker Columns is a rather unusual solitaire. It's based on the same basic layout as Poker Squares (the 5 x 5 grid), but card movement within the grid is based on the concept of "gravity". That is, any cards placed into one of the five columns will immediately "fall" to the lowest-available space in the column. For example, if a column is empty, and you place a card on the first row, it will fall to the last row.

This game was invented by Randy Rasa, and is available as part of the Poker Solitaire Pack collection.

Getting Started

The game is begun by taking a pack of 52 cards, shuffling it, and dealing the cards face-down into a pile to become the stock.


To move a card from the stock to a position on the grid, simply click on one of the empty positions. As long as cards remain in the stock, cards on the grid cannot be moved. You may also drag a card from the deck to one of the tableau positions.

Cashing In A Hand

When you've created a complete hand in one of the rows or columns, you may cash it in. To do so, click one of the row or column labels within the score box. When you click it, the specified hand will be removed from the tableau and scored. You can also right-click anywhere, and select "Cash In" from the resulting pop-up menu. Note that when the mouse pointer passes over the row and column labels within the score box, the value of the hand will be displayed.

Moving Cards

To move a card, simply drag it onto the card you'd like to swap it with. You can move the cards as often as you like, until you're happy with the arrangement.

Moving Cards Within The Tableau

Once all the cards have been played to the tableau, and no cards remain in the stock, you may re-arrange the cards within the tableau. To move a card, simply drag it onto an empty space. You can only move cards to the top of another column. You can move the cards as often as you like, until you're happy with the arrangement. Then cash in the hands.


You earn points for each type of poker hand you can create. The number of points awarded per hand is based on the hand you create, and the cards in the hand. Also, if the deck is not empty, all hands are worth double their normal value; rows are worth an additional times-two multiplier.

Refer to Poker Solitaire Pack Scoring for details on the scoring systems used for this game.


This game has very pleasing card movement, but it can sometimes be tough to get good scores. I usually play for flushes in four columns, and try for something special in the fifth column. Remember that hands count double as long as cards remain in the deck. Even more importantly, rows are doubled as well, In other words, if you manage to create a nice hand in one of the rows during the first half of a game, you'll get a very nice bonus indeed!

The rules to this game are copyright Randy Rasa, and neither the rules nor the game they describe may be reproduced without written permission.

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