Four Seasons Solitaire

Four Seasons Screen Shot (Thumbnail)Four Seasons is a Windows version of the classic solitaire, also known as "Corner Card" and "Vanishing Cross". This is a full-featured program, including digital sound, undo, auto move, card peeking, challenge mode scoring, and a high-score list.

The current version is v1.12, released 11/22/1997.


The following file contains the Four Seasons installation program. Simply click on the link to download it to your computer, then run it to begin installation of the game.


Four Seasons Solitaire was originally released as shareware, meaning that you could try it for free, and purchase it if you enjoyed the game. Now, I wish to make the game completely free, with no payment required.

However, I no longer have the development tools necessary to rebuild the application and remove the registration reminder notification. So, when you run the game for the first time, it will tell you that it's shareware, and will ask for a registration code.

Therefore, I am providing the registration code for free. Just enter "code" when the program asks.

This free game is provided as-is, with no additional support available. Enjoy!


For complete rules to the game, as well as suggested strategy, and odds for winning, visit the Four Seasons Rules page.


Four Seasons requires Windows 3.1 or later and VBRUN300.DLL. VGA (640x480) graphics is required; SVGA (800x600) is recommended. A sound card is optional but recommended.

Note: This game was designed for Windows 3.1. This program may or may not run under the version of Windows on your computer.

Four Seasons FAQ

How does the "challenge" scoring work?
Traditional scoring is simply one point per card played to the foundations. This is simple, but a bit dull. Challenge scoring is based on the notion that it takes more skill to play many cards in succession than it does to play one at a time. Basically, the game gives you five points per card, plus five points for each additional card in the run. For example, if you manage to move five cards in a row to any of the foundations (without any other non-foundation moves in between), the first card counts 5, the second card counds 10, the third 15, the fourth 20, and the fifth 25. Thus, the strategy becomes to build up runs of cards on the tableau, then play them to the foundations all at once. Challenge mode really changes the complexion of the game!
What's your highest score?
My personal best is 5230.
What are "Practice Hands"?
If you're just getting started with the game try these practice hands. I've pre-selected hands that I know are winnable. You can compare your score to my own using these hands, to see how you're doing.
Can I change the sound effects or background music?
You can turn the sounds on or off, and change the music file. When you register, you get the ability to play some extra sound effects, plus the ability to play sounds at random or sequentially.
Sometimes I have trouble dragging a card to one of the corner foundations; I have to try it two or three times before it will "stick".
This was a problem in early versions of the program, and was fixed in version 1.04.
What language was Four Seasons written in?
It was originally written for Microsoft Visual Basic Professional, version 2.0; it currently uses VB3. David Baldwin's RTFGEN was used to create the help file.

Last Update: April 30th, 2012