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  • Pretty Good Solitaire for Mac OS X v3.0

    Pretty Good Solitaire for Mac OS X v3.0Goodsol Development has just released version 3.0 of Pretty Good Solitaire for Mac OS X, which includes an astonishing 550 different solitaire card games. It is the solitaire game for players who take solitaire seriously!
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  • Windows 8 Solitaire Preview

    Windows 8 Solitaire PreviewHere is a very important question about the next generation of the venerable Windows operating system: What will solitaire look like on Windows 8?
    read more Posted on 08-13-2012, Filed Under: Solitaire Games

  • Solitaire Best-Sellers, December 2011

    Solitaire Best-Sellers, December 2011Here are some of the best-selling solitaire-related products during December 2011, featuring electronic solitaire games, software, apps, books, and more!
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  • Kitty Spangles Solitaire 3.5

    Kitty Spangles Solitaire 3.5Kitty Spangles Solitaire now includes the games of Double Pyramid and Single-Card Canfield, as well as favorites such as Klondike, Canfield, Freecell, Penguin and Spider for a total of 40 popular games.
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  • Astraware Solitaire

    Astraware SolitaireAstraware Solitaire is a new collection of 12 of your favorite solitaire card games for Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. Each game has custom gameplay options so everyone can enjoy the games using their favorite variations of the standard rules.
    read more Posted on 08-03-2007, Filed Under: Solitaire Games

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