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  • Does Your Company Have a Solitaire Policy?

    Does Your Company Have a Solitaire Policy?One enterprise anti-virus software provider now boasts that their application can block access to Windows games, including Microsoft Solitaire, FreeCell, and Spider. Meanwhile, other companies are relaxing their attitude toward playing games on work breaks. What's your company's policy?
    read more Posted on 04-11-2007, Filed Under: Solitaire News

  • Got a Craving for Solitaire?

    Got a Craving for Solitaire?If you have a desire to test your solitaire skills against other players, head on over to Solitaire Craving for a daily Klondike challenge.
    read more Posted on 03-27-2007, Filed Under: Solitaire Games

  • Solitaire Plus! for PCs v2.4

    Solitaire Plus! for PCs v2.4Solitaire Plus! for PCs from has been updated to version 2.4 to make it fully compatible with Microsoft Vista. Free upgrade for registered users, or $19.95 for new customers, with a 30-day money back guarantee.
    read more Posted on 03-07-2007, Filed Under: Solitaire Games

  • Vista Heralds Bold New Era in Solitaire

    Vista Heralds Bold New Era in SolitairePhil Boisenbottom at Ridiculopathy offers a glowing review of the new Microsoft solitaire engine known as Vista.
    read more Posted on 02-28-2007, Filed Under: Solitaire News

  • SolSuite Updated for Vista

    SolSuite Updated for VistaWith its most recent update, SolSuite is now fully compatible with Windows Vista. The collection of 470 solitaire games works with all editions of Vista, as well as with older versions of Windows, including XP, 2000, Me, NT, and 98.
    read more Posted on 02-17-2007, Filed Under: Solitaire Games

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