Shame On You, AOL

AOL (America OnLine) has recently launched a new section of their web site dedicated to solitaire games. They call it “Solitaire Central”. Gee, how original.

AOL, are you so morally and creatively bankrupt that you have to steal from others?

AOL Solitaire Central

So, is there actually anything worth seeing there? No, not really. They have a few Windows solitaire downloads, and a grand total of five online solitaire games. Wow, AOL, you really went all out on this, didn’t you?

Compare that to, which offers hundreds of solitaire games for all major operating systems, dozens of online games, and thousands of solitaire rules. Which site offers more for solitaire players? Which site is the real “Solitaire Central”?

That’d be us. You lose, AOL.