Solitaire 3D for Mac OS X

Play all your favourite solitaire games, including Freecell, Spider, Gaps and Klondike. Beautiful 3D graphics, fully customizable board sets, unique lighting effects and much more make this a must for all solitaire fans. The latest version comes with the ability to create your own card decks and even print them out.

By Grass Games
Operating System: Macintosh

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Additional Information

Solitaire 3D for Mac OS X includes the following solitaire card games: Aces Up, Agnes Bernauer, Agnes Sorel, Baker's Dozen, Baker's Game, Baroness, Beleaguered Castle, Black Hole, Blondes and Brunettes, Brigade, Bristol, Calculation, Canfield, Castles in Spain, Curds and Whey, Eight Off, Fan, Flower Garden, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Gaps, Gargantua, Giant, Golf, Grandfather's Clock, Harp, Intelligence, Kings, Klondike Solitaire, Klondike II, La Belle Lucie, Miss Milligan, New York, Number Ten, Penguin, Pyramid, Queen of Italy, Scorpion, Shamrocks, Sir Tommy, Spider, Steps, Stonewall, Strategy, Streets, ThreeCell, Thumb and Pouch, Twenty, Waning Moon, and Yukon.

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