Thumb and Pouch Solitaire Rules

Thumb and Pouch SolitaireThumb and Pouch is a variation of Klondike, differing primarily in that tableau building does not require building in alternate colors, only in different suits. Also, any card or sequence can be moved into a space (rather than just kings).

Number of Decks: 1

Initial Layout: To form the tableau, deal seven piles of cards face down. Deal one card to the first pile, two to the second, three to the third, and so on, dealing the top card of each pile face up.

Object: Build the four foundation piles up in suit from Ace to King.

Play: Within the tableau, build cards down and in different suits. The top card is available for play to the foundations. All the face up cards can moved as a group between tableau piles. Spaces in the tableau may filled by any card.

Cards are turned one at a time from the stock. The top card of the wastepile is available for play to any tableau or foundation pile. There are no redeals.

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