MS-DOS Solitaire Games

These days, there are not a lot of programs available for the good old MS-DOS operating system, but here are a few to consider:

  • Klondike Pro
    Official Challenge Solitaire, from The American Federation for the Advancement of
    Duplicate Solitaire. AmFADS announces Klondike Pro. If you're serious about solitaire,
    then you can't afford to ignore Klondike Pro!
  • Pyramid DeluxePyramid Deluxe
    A SuperVGA version of the well-loved solitaire card game known as "Pyramid", this game is easy to learn, but difficult to win, and offers plenty of room for skillful play.
  • Simple PleasuresSimple Pleasures
    Simple Pleasures is a collection of eight addictive solitaires. Some of the games are variations of standard games, but many were created especially for this program.
  • Solitaire SuiteSolitaire Suite
    Solitaire Suite is the premier DOS shareware solitaire collection, containing seven of the very best classic card games. The games feature a smooth and elegant graphical user interface.

Last Update: April 12th, 2012