Solitaire Products

The following pages provide a directory of solitaire-related products. Just follow thew links to find some amazing items associated that allow you to learn about or play great solitaire games!

Random Solitaire Products

  • Big Book of SolitaireBig Book of Solitaire
    This book includes an introduction to the origins of Solitaire and has instructions for nearly 100 different versions of this popular game. Illustrations are included.
  • Bicycle Illuminated Touch Screen FreeCellBicycle Illuminated Touch Screen FreeCell
    Features authentic game play with an easy-to-use 3-inch x 2-inch LCD screen and a stylus for easy entry. The game is fully illuminated, so you can play anywhere!
  • Mega Screen SolitaireMega Screen Solitaire
    Play Draw 1 or Draw 3 Klondike (the standard classic solitaire game) with Mega Screen Solitaire.
  • DoubletaireDoubletaire
    Doubletaire is the fast action card game for two players that's based on Solitaire.
  • Touch Screen Solitaire Electronic Handheld GameTouch Screen Solitaire Electronic Handheld Game
    Touch Screen Solitaire is four challenging solitaire games in one: Tri Peaks, Las Vegas 3-Card, Tri Peaks Wild, and Klondike 1-Card.

Last Update: March 11th, 2012