Solitaire Central Submission Guidelines

Due to space and time limitations, Solitaire Central can only list a limited number of games. To be listed on this site, a game needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Solitaire Central only lists solitaire card games; submissions of other types of games will be ignored. You may submit casual arcade games to Arcade Game Central, board games to Board Game Central, and card games to The House of Cards.
  • Software with PAD files are preferred for listing at Solitaire Central. If you are unfamiliar with PAD files, please visit the Association of Shareware Professionals' Portable Application Description (PAD) page, which describes the purpose of PAD files, as well as how to create them. A PAD file allows Solitaire Central to automatically monitor for game updates and revisions, to ensure that we're displaying only current and correct information about a game.
  • Solitaire Central only features games available for purchase through an affiliate program. We recommend either Regnow, eSellerate, BMT Micro, or Plimus; others may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Solitaire Central only features games that offer affiliate-enabled downloads. That is, a game must be available for download that contains our affiliate code in the "buy" links, so that any sales resulting from that download are properly credited to Solitaire Central.

If affiliate information is not included in your PAD file, please use the "Additional Information" field of the Game Submission Form to inform us of of this information, or send a message containing this data via our feedback form.

If your game is not available via an affiliate program, and/or you do not offer an affiliate-enabled download, but you would still like your game to be featured at Solitaire Central, please contact us with a proposal for alternate means of compensation.

Solitaire Central reserves the right to decide what games will be listed on this site. If we decline to list a game, it should not necessarily be considered a comment on the quality or marketability of the game. Also, because of the quantity of submissions we received, be aware that we may not be able to list your game immediately. Please wait at least one month between consecutive submissions of the same game.

Note: These guidelines refer only to submissions of solitaire card game software. If you're attempting to submit a physical solitaire card game for consideration, please send a message via our feedback form.

Last Update: September 18th, 2012