Russian Point Solitaire Rules

Russian Point SolitaireRussian Point is a variation of Russian Solitaire, with a different initial layout, and a bit of Spider thrown in. It is quite winnable. It was invented by Randy Rasa.

Initial Layout

1 Deck. Deal 1 card to the first tableau pile, three cards to the second, five to the third, seven to the fourth, five to the fifth, three to the sixth, and 1 to the seventh. The top card of each pile is face-up, with the remainder face-down. Then deal four additional face-up cards to each of the six right-most piles. The top card of each pile is face-up, with the remainder face-down. The end result looks like sort of a downward-pointing arrow. The remainder of the held are held in the stock.


The object of the game is build the four foundation piles up in suit from Ace to King.

Moving Cards

Within the tableau, cards are built down in suit. Cards may be moved singly or in groups, regardless of sequence or suit. That is, any face-up card in the tableau may be built upon another, no matter how deep it is in a pile. All cards covering it are moved together. When a face-down card is exposed, it is automatically turned face-up, and is available for play. Spaces in the tableau may only be filled by a King.

The Stock

When you have exhausted all the plays among the tableaus and foundations, click on the stock pile to deal another card face-up to each of the tableau piles.

The rules to this game are copyright Randy Rasa, and neither the rules nor the game they describe may be reproduced without written permission.

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