King's Way Solitaire Rules

King's Way SolitaireKing's Way is a two-deck game employing most of the same game mechanics as Golf Solitaire, but with a few unusual features of its own.

Number of Decks: 2 (104 cards)

Initial Layout: Deal one king to each of eight tableau piles. Then deal one face-down card onto each, then four face-up cards onto each. Deal one card to start the wastepile. The remainder of the cards form the stock.

Object: Remove all the cards except the kings from the tableau.

Play: Only the top (exposed) card of each tableau pile is available for play. Build the waste pile up or down in alternating colors. Only twos may be played on aces, and only Jacks may be played on Queens (the Kings are not in play).

Aces may be moved from the top of the wastepile to a single reserve pile.

When the stock is exhausted, there is one redeal. For the redeal, the number of aces in the reserve is used to determine the number of cards removed from the bottom of the wastepile to form a new stock. The remainder of the wastepile, as well as the reserve, is discarded.

If you clear the tableau (except for the Kings) before the stock runs out for a second time, you win the game.

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