Idiot's Revenge Solitaire Rules

Number of Decks: 2

Object: To build cards to eight foundation piles, four from Ace to King in sequential suit order, four King to Ace in sequential suit order.


   A A A A K K K K    - these are your foundation piles
    A 2 3 4 5 6 7     - top row of the deal
     8 9 T J Q K      - bottom row of the deal

Layout: Deal two rows of cards, face-up, seven in the top row, six in the bottom, spacing the six in the "windows" of the top row. Each spot has a corresponding card. If the card played is the same as the corresponding number, deal two cards face-down to the side. When you finish dealing the thirteenth card (The King position), play two cards face-down, to the side. Do this until you have two cards left in your hand. The last two cards are dealt face down to your side cards.

Play: Flip over the top card in your face down pile. Place that card on top of its corresponding pile. You may now take that pile into your hand, and YOU MAY NOT CHANGE THE ORDER OF THE CARDS.

You can play any card in your hand, or the TOP card of any stockpile. Once a card is played to a Foundation, you may not move it back.

To play a card, you can either:

  1. Play it to a foundation.

    1. You may only play an Ace or King to start a stockpile.
    2. On an Ace Foundation, you must play the next higher card maintaining the suit.
    3. On a King Foundation, you must play the next lower card maintaining the suit.
    4. You may not have two ace foundations, or two king foundations of the same suit.

  2. Play it to another stock pile.

    1. You may play any card on a stockpile provided that the card is one higher or one lower in the same suit. It now is the TOP card of that pile.
    2. You may not play any cards into your held hand.

Keep playing until you have built all eight foundations to completion, or you run out of face-down cards.

I haven't gotten any strategies for playing this game, it's very difficult, but can be won through a lot of skillful planning and strategy. On the flip side, you seem to do better when you just throw caution to the win - but you don't win that way.

Also, there is a one deck game called Idiot's Delight that is nothing like the two deck version.

Tableau: X X X X

Layout: Deal four cards face up. Compare the cards. If there are duplicate suits, remove the lower ranking card. If all four cards are of different suits, deal four cards on top of them (you may off set them so you can see the cards underneath, like Klondike Solitaire).

Play: Always compare the bottom cards. You know you must deal another four cards to the Tableau when the bottom cards are all different suits. Aces rank high. If you get all four Aces in the top positions and there are no cards left in your hand, this win is the "Great Ace" win. If you get all four aces in the top positions with cards left in your hand, this is the standard "Aces Up" win. You may play the rest of your hand out to see if you can achieve the "Great Ace."

Rules by Tom Coleman.