Hit or Miss Solitaire Rules

Hit or Miss is a unique solitaire game, in that it has no tableau or layout, and the player can only see one card at a time.

Number of Decks: 1

Alternate Names: Frustration, Harvest, Roll Call, Talkative, Treize

Play: Turn over cards from the stock one at a time, calling out "ace" for the first card, "two" for the second card, "three" for the third card, on up to "king", then starting over again at "ace".

Each time a card matches the name called out, place the card on a single foundation pile. This is a "hit". If it does not match, place it on the wastepile. This is a "miss".

There are unlimited redeals - just turn the wastepile over and continue where you left off. If you go through the entire deck twice without a "hit", the game is considered lost.

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