Concentration Solitaire Rules

Concentration SolitaireNumber of Decks: 1

Initial Layout: To begin the game the deck is shuffled, then all the cards are dealt face-down onto the table, typically arranged as four rows of thirteen cards each.

Object: The object of the game is to remove all the cards, two at a time, by pairs. You may select any two cards. As you do so, they will be turned over (face-up). If they match (that is, if they are of the same rank, regardless of suit), then they will be removed, otherwise they will be turned back over.

Strategy: Some people select cards at random, others move sequentially from one card to the next in row or column fashion. Either method will certainly work.

Note that this game is the opposite of most in that a low score is desireable -- you want to be able to remove all cards in as few attempts as possible. Though becoming proficient at this game is dependent to a large degree on strengthening your short-term memory, luck plays a role as well. A good score requires both skill and luck.

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