BlockJack Solitaire Rules

BlockJack SolitaireIn this game, you start with a 52-card deck and ten cards. Remove hands whose cards total 21. New cards are automatically dealt from the deck. If you manage to create more Blackjack hands than there are cards remaining on the table, you get to keep playing, thru eight ever-more difficult rounds.

Getting Started

The game is begun with a shuffled deck of 52 cards. Ten cards are dealt to ten tableau piles.


The object of the game is to create and remove Blackjack hands.

Creating A Hand

Hands are created by selecting cards. A card is selected by simply clicking on it. When it is selected, it will be shown with a with a gray overlay. Select from two to ten cards to create a Blackjack hand. When the point total of the cards reaches 21, the hand will be removed from the table (cashed in), and new cards will be dealt to take their place.

If You Get Stuck

If there are no more hands that can be made within the tableau (or if you don't like the available hands), click the deck to deal another card onto each tableau pile.

Moving Cards Within The Tableau

If you reach the end of the game and have open and available spaces within the tableau, and another tableau pile contains more than one card, you may move a card to an open space. To move a card from a tableau pile to an empty space, simply select the card, then click on the empty space.

Ending A Round

When the deck has been exhausted, and no more Blackjack hands can be created, end the round (and move on to the next) by clicking the red box that pops up on the screen.


This game is arranged as eight "rounds", each progressively more difficult than the last. In order to advance from one round to the next, you must cash in more Blackjack hands than cards left on the table. For example, if you've cashed in fifteen hands, and there are 7 cards left, you may continue. If you do not reach this threshold, the game is over. The rounds are set up like so:

Round #Number of Tableau Piles


Each Blackjack hand you create earns you one point. In addition, you may earn a bonus. If there are three cards left at the end of a round, you earn a bonus of 2 points; if there are two cards left at the end of a round, you earn a bonus of 3 points; and if there is one card left at the end of a round, you earn a bonus of 4 points. It's not possible to remove all cards.

The number of hands cashed in, plus your bonus, is multiplied by the round number to get a score for that round. The total score is the sum of all the round scores.

The rules to this game are copyright Randy Rasa, and neither the rules nor the game they describe may be reproduced without written permission.

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