Blackjack Squares Solitaire Rules

Blackjack Squares SolitaireDealing one card at a time into a 3x3 grid, make the best possible Blackjack hands in the six rows and columns of the grid. If there's a card you don't like, swap it out. When you're satisfied with the square, cash it in. Do this five times.

Getting Started

The game is begun with a shuffled pack of 52 cards and nine empty tableau positions, arranged as three rows of three cards each. Move cards one at a time from the deck to any empty tableau position.


The object of the game is to place the cards to make the best possible Blackjack hands in the three rows and three columns of the grid.

Creating A Hand

Hands are created by selecting cards. A card is selected by simply clicking on it. When it is selected, it will be shown with a gray overlay. Select from two to five cards to create a Blackjack hand. When the point total of the cards reaches 21, the hand will be removed from the table (cashed in).

Moving Cards

You may move a card from the deck to the tableau by simply clicking on an empty tableau position. You may also drag a deck card onto an empty tableau position.

Swapping Cards

You may "swap out" up to seven cards during the course of a hand. To do this, simply right-click a tableau card, and select "Swap This Card Out" from the pop-up menu. The card will be swapped with the bottom card of the deck.

Cashing In A Square

Once you've reached a satisfactory arrangement of cards, click the deck to cash in the square and deal another. You may do this with five squares.


Each Blackjack hand is worth 21 points. Each non-Blackjack hand costs you points, more or less, depending on how close to a Blackjack (21 points) you came. For example, if the total of three cards is 22, the value of that hand is "-1" (22 - 21 = 1). If the total of three cards is 16, the value of that hand is "-5" (21 - 16 = 5). The total for the entire square is simply the sum of all rows and columns. The total for the game is the sum of the five squares. Note that the numbers displayed for each row and column are the point values of the hands, and not the final score (e.g. a hand with a point value of 20 will be displayed as "20" rather than its true value of "-1").

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