Blackjack Pyramid Solitaire Rules

Blackjack Pyramid SolitaireWithin a ten-card pyramid are six three-card mini-pyramids. Your goal is to rearrange the cards to make the best possible Blackjack hands. A 52-card deck is used, yielding five 10-card pyramids.

Getting Started

The game is begun by taking a pack of 52 cards, shuffling it, and dealing the first ten cards face-up onto a ten-card pyramid of non-overlapping cards. The remainder of the cards are kept in the deck for the next round of play.


The object of the game is to rearrange the cards to make the best possible Blackjack hands.

Moving Cards

Cards are re-arranged by swapping them. To swap two cards, simply pick one up, drag it onto the one you wish to swap with, and drop it. You may continue moving cards in this way until you've created the best set of six three-card mini-pyramids. Once you've reached this optimum arrangement, click the deck to cash in the pyramid and deal another.

The six mini-pyramids within the main pyramid.


At any point in a hand, you may remove a card from the pyramid, and replace it with one from the deck. This may be done twice during a hand. These moves are known as "Mercy #1" and "Mercy #2". Click the "Mercy" button on the toolbar (a hand, showing either one or two fingers raised). The Mercy button will then be shown as "down". Select a card to remove it, or click the Mercy button again to cancel.


Each Blackjack hand is worth 21 points. Each non-Blackjack hand costs you points, more or less depending on how close to a Blackjack (21 points) you came. For example, if the total of three cards is 22, the value of that hand is "-1" (22 - 21 = 1). If the total of three cards is 16, the value of that hand is "-5" (21 - 16 = 5). The total for the entire pyramid is simply the sum of each mini-pyramid. The total for the game is the sum of the five pyramids.

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