Bill Beers Solitaire Rules

Bill Beers is a variation of Cribbage Solitaire, invented by an inmate at a mental asylum. This game beats his name.

Number of Decks: 1

Play: Deal cards from the stock, one at a time, placing them next to each other in a row, not overlapping.

Attempt to make the following hands, using adjacent cards in the row:

One Pair2
Three of a Kind6
Three of the Same Suit3
Three in Sequence3
Three in Suit and in Sequence6
Two or Three that Total 152

Cards count as they do in Cribbage: ace = 1, K-Q-J-10 = 10 points each, every other card counts it natural value.

A sequence is valid even if the cards are not in the correct order.

After each score, move any one of the cards involved and place it on top of another card in the row. For example, if there are four cards in the row, 9-7-5-6, you can score the sequence (5-6-7), then move the 6 onto the 7, and score the 9-6 as a fifteen.

After each hand is created, and before another card is dealt from the stock, the score is recorded, and the cards removed from the row, consolidating the remaining cards. There is one exception to this rule: if a pair is visible, a third card may be dealt to attempt to get a three-of-a-kind.

The object of the game is to get as high a score as possible, while working your way through the entire deck.

A "winning score" is considered to be 61 points.