GameColony FreeCell

GameColony FreeCellGameAccount FreeCell lets you play classic Freecell solitaire against live players, one-on-one or in one of the many ongoing solitaire tournaments. The object of the game is to use all cards to build up the 4 foundations in ascending order starting with the aces. Use the four free cells as temporary placeholders for a card at a time. The faster you complete the hand, the higher your score, and the better your chance of emerging victorious. hosts skill-based tournaments for members who thrive on competitive play. GameAccount allows you to play great games - including realtime multiplayer games, with unlimited free practice, knock-out tournaments, instant prize payouts, free cash bonus with first deposit, and tons of tournaments (daily & weekly progressives, 2-player, 5-player, jackpots, high score & many more). Play for fun or play for cash.

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Last Update: March 5th, 2014