Free Cell

Free CellIf you think you're good at the world's most addicting solitaire game, try your skills in cash competitions! And, for an extra thrill, we offer three different ways to play: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

The goal of Free Cell is to move all 52 cards to the foundation, which is the area in the upper right corner with the engraved suit symbols. All 52 cards are dealt face-up in the 8 columns of the tableau. The bottom card in each column is free to be moved. A free card can be placed at the bottom of another column, provided that the last card in that column is one higher and of the opposite color. The four free cells act as placeholder spaces, where any free card can be temporarily placed in order to access cards buried in the tableau.

You can play Free Cell for free, or for cash prizes against live players from all over the world in one-one-one games or in one of the many ongoing tournaments.

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Last Update: October 10th, 2017