5 Realms of Cards

5 Realms of Cards5 Realms of Cards is a unique solitaire game that features an epic story where the player assumes the roles of a valiant hero while being immersed in addictive solitaire gameplay.

The game takes place in realms of Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts. Under the reign of princess Jokerina, the card realms knew nothing but peace. But an ancient evil has awakened and destroyed sacred artifacts, leaving the realms exposed to darkness. Your objective is to help Jokerina to restore the artifacts and prevent the card realms from falling into decay. When you save your four realms, the princess must travel to the mysterious Fifth realm.

Throughout your journey you traverse the map of the 5 card realms. Every realm contains 15 beautifully rendered levels full of addictive solitaire playing fun. Each level presents a card puzzle with a certain task that needs to be fulfilled to achieve victory. As each level in the realm is completed, more of its magnificent architecture revealed as the artifact gradually regains its power. Once you complete all the levels in the realm, you proceed to the next one to face new challenges, and you’ll be awarded trophies placed in a room which you can visit at any time.

5 Realms of Cards is based on the classic gameplay used in games such as Golf Solitaire and TriPeaks, where you build card chains by playing a card which is one lower or one higher in rank than an adjacent card. The longer the chain, the higher your score.

To this basic concept, 5 Realms of Cards adds an assortment of special cards to spice up the gameplay. For example, there is a card that hides its rank until you build a chain nearby, a card that changes its suit each time you link a card into a chain, and many other enchanted cards that can create a formidable challenge. In addition, you can choose between timed and untimed playing modes. Untimed mode offers slow-paced and relaxing solitaire entertainment, while the timed mode features a more arcade-like solitaire experience.

The fantasy world created in 5 Realms of Cards shines with vivid colors and refined graphics. You will be amazed at the beauty of each realm after you restore it by completing levels. As for the solitaire itself, the motion is liquid smooth and you get a feeling that you are playing with visually real and solid cards. The game also has soothing music sounding like a balm to the soul. All this along with a compelling storyline and innovative gameplay creates an immersive atmosphere, letting the player fully enjoy the new incarnation of solitaire.

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