Seven Seas Solitaire for Mac

Seven Seas Solitaire for Mac

Seven Seas Solitaire is a swash-bucking adventure set on the high seas. You play a retired naval officer whose bride-to-be has turned up missing, and you've been framed for her kidnapping. You must scour the world's oceans to solve the mystery and bring your beloved home. You take command of a ship called "The Falcon", and set of on the adventure of a lifetime.

That sets the scene and setting, but the mechanics of the game involve playing solitaire! Specifically, you'll play the very simple, but confoundingly addictive, "Golf" solitaire, in which your task is to remove cards from the layout that are one higher or one lower than the top of the discard pile. Clear the layout, and you win the round, and advance to the next!

Seven Seas Solitaire contains over 300 levels to explore. You'll match cards and fire cannonballs to clear the levels and gather the clues and tools you need to find your darling. You will need to put together legendary combos to rack up as much gold as you can. You can then spend your gold on over 20 unique upgrades for your ship and for your island hideaway. Seven Seas Solitaire also includes a number of exciting mini-games to test your luck and skill, and earn awards for your derring-do.

As you sail and swashbuckle your way across the oceans, you'll discover one surprise after another. Do you have the skills and the courage to conquer the ocean's dangers and become a captain of legend? Find out in the addictive Seven Seas Solitaire.

  • Gripping story
  • Build your own hide-away
  • Over 300 levels
  • 13 awards to unlock
  • Buy over 20 power ups

Requires: Mac OS X 10.5+, 512MB RAM, 101MB Disk Space. Also available for Windows.

By Anawiki
Operating System: Macintosh

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