Can I Cheat At Windows Solitaire?

Sure! Microsoft was nice enough to include several cheats in Windows Solitaire, including the following:

  • Press Alt+Shift+2 to win immediately.

  • In "Draw Three" mode, hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift, then click the deck, and it will deal one card instead of three. This allows you to draw single cards but still get the higher score of a "Draw Three" game.

  • Within the tableau, click and drag a card to any legal position, but instead of letting go, press the Escape key. The card will return to its original location. You can then click any exposed card, and it will move to the destination of the original card.

  • Right-clicking anywhere within the game will move all valid cards to the foundations (not really a cheat - just a shortcut).

Last Update: September 18th, 2012