Tips on Winning Solitaire Games

By Trisha Ellington

Winning at solitaire games can be challenging and rewarding.

Canfield Solitaire

Canfield is a very popular classic solitaire game.

To win Canfield try to create spaces as soon as possible to open up opportunities to play more sequences. Always build the foundations evenly. Don't let one foundation get too far ahead of the others. Make sure all moves have been made before dealing from the stock.

Forty Thieves Solitaire

Forty Thieves is a very challenging solitaire game with a high skill level.

Since only one card in a tableau pile can be moved at a time, spaces become very important in this solitaire game. Try to get two or three spaces open as early as possible to allow for more opportunities to build on other piles.

Freecell Solitaire

Freecell is a unique solitaire game that once came with Microsoft Windows.

Try to leave the cells open as much as possible as this allows more cards to be moved at a time. Try building on Kings as soon as you can and make sure the King is not covering other cards. Build the foundations as evenly as possible with none getting well ahead of the rest.

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike is the popular red on black solitaire game.

It is important to build the foundations evenly and to not let any of one them get too far ahead of the others. Play cards from the tableau to free up other cards before using the cards from the waste pile. If a choice comes up, try playing from the deeper pile first to allow for more potential plays.

Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid is a challenging solitaire game requiring mostly skill.

Study the pyramid to make sure the game is actually winnable. Check and be sure that every card has enough matches to free them up, but are not blocking each other at the same time. Always try to match from the waste pile so an impasse won't be reached at the very end of the game.

Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion is very difficult to win, but can be rather enjoyable once you get the basics down.

The face down cards need to be freed up as early as possible. Make plays to free them as soon as the chance becomes available. Avoid making plays that causes a playable card to buried in the same pile that the destination of the playable card is in. Use caution when choosing which king to play to a space.

Spider Solitaire

Spider is a recently popularized and challenging solitaire game.

It is vital to get as many spaces as early as possible in this solitaire game. Try to get two or even three spaces if allowed to do so. Go to any length to get sequences into the proper suit order, even if it takes several moves to accomplish this. Try to get a 13 suit sequence at the earliest time possible.

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Last Update: December 30th, 2013